3 Ways Realtors Can Make Halloween Fun With Purpose!

Published on October 21, 2011

I think that this whole idea of “professionalism” in the work place is overrated. The fact is, people want to do business with REAL people with whom they can connect. One way to help people get to know you is to include your kids or your family in your business!

Halloween is a perfect vehicle for forging connections and business opportunities while also serving as a fun family affair. Here are Pumpkin family at www.nikkiandchris.comthree (or more) strategies to get you started.

1. Get creative and get connected.

If you kids are old enough, hire them to be your personal assistant in charge of preparing Halloween treats for your past and current clients, allied resources, and key people in your sphere of influence (your top referral sources). This is something you can do together and have fun with as a family.

These little gifts can be as simple as Tootsie Roll Pops turned ghosts via a piece of tissue, some ribbon, and a marker. Or maybe you go to the kitchen where they can help you turn sugar cookies into goblins or tombstones.

Take these treats and add your special marketing message on a card and drop them by their home, office, or take with you to your next networking meeting. Brian Buffini calls these “pop-by gifts.” And Oh by the way, your kids can go with you to make the deliveries!

Here are a few ideas for your personalized marketing message cards (these can be handwritten and need NOT be fancy):

“Don’t let your friends end up with dead real estate deals this Halloween. Tell them to call The Five Star Team - We raise the dead!”

“Are the Ghosts of Halloween scaring off buyers? When you hire the Five Star Team, ghosts vanish and buyers come knocking!”

Goofy? Yes. That’s the point. Let your kids help you create the message and be sure to let the lucky recipients of the treats know that your kids were excited to be a part of the process.

2. Photos are a must!  

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Take pictures of your kids (and you if you dress up) in their costumes and create a holiday postcard with a personalized message. This has a much bigger impact than a standard real estate post card.
  • When attending a school Halloween party, take TONS of pictures of the kids and staff in their costumes. Pre-print BRANDED note cards with where they can access the photos once you have downloaded them to a site (be sure to use a secured site unless you have permission to post on your website or Facebook page). If you can brand the secured site you use, all the better!

Boy at halloween carnival www.nikkiandchris.comTIP: For an added bonus, print the photos on photo paper, put your real estate branded information on the back of the photo, and take them back to the school or church so they can distribute them to the people in the photo.

Boo! You can also do this when kids come to your door! Take a snapshot and put the card in their bag where they can go view it.

3. Community involvement rocks.

Anytime you can get groups involved in something that you either manage or organize, you win big time (that is if you do it well). Remember the goal is to connect! The more people you truly connect with, the more opportunities you attract.

Organize a pumpkin carving or coloring contest with the Halloween theme with your kid’s school, Sunday school class, daycare, or sports team. You provide the needed materials and the guidelines for the contest.

TIP: When we did this, we asked people who lived at a local retirement community to volunteer as judges (we specialized in the senior market so that was a double win for us).

Provide prizes to as many winners as you would like (we always had local businesses donate prizes). Take lots of photos and make sure each kid who participates gets a certificate, with a photo of them with their entry, even if they didn’t win. Naturally all of these things include your personal branding and contact information.

The judges also get warm appreciation from you either via a thank you note, personalized gift, or a gift card to the local coffee shop.Thank you candy www.nikkiandchris.com

This one takes a little more time and energy, but in the long run it is worth it. You are adding value to the lives of lots of people. Although you may never receive anything in return DIRECTLY from these groups, I can assure you that word gets out and you will become the real estate icon who people remember. More importantly, you are engaging in the lives of your children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, or other special child in your life.

Oh, and don’t forget to send press releases about the contest to the community section of your local paper before and after the contest. Free press is the BEST kind of advertising there is!

This is just three of the many ways you can mix business with pleasure this Halloween. Naturally, these strategies work for virtually every holiday and can be improved upon each year. We chose the holidays and special events that made the most sense for us, our target market, our family, and our desired outcome and you will too.

Nikki and Chris are recognized international real estate coaches, trainers, and speakers. Their specialty is guiding real estate agents and brokers toward creating highly profitable businesses and amazingly successful lives.  Clients who hire Nikki and Chris are often seeking assistance in increasing their profitability without sacrificing their health, relationships, and core values. To learn more or see additional blogs go to www.nikkiandchris.com.

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