5 Keys to a Fun & Festive 4th of July

Published on July 3, 2012


Summertime holiday festivities are fun and exciting for most everyone. They can also serve as great opportunities to nurture current relationships and create new ones. Here are a few reminders to think about as you pack your picnic baskets, load your lawn chairs, and gear up for a festive 4th of July. 

Take photos - Keep your camera handy and take pictures of people you know at your local parades, kid’s events, neighborhood parties, and fireworks shows. Afterward, have the photos printed (yes, printed - they still do that ya know), put a label on the back with “Courtesy of ...” and give them as gifts. Also place them on a password protected page of your website (with permission) and send them a link to access them.


Change voicemail message & set up auto-responders - Take this time to unplug, unwind, and spend some much needed time with friends and family. Remember to change your voicemail letting people know you are taking the day off and when you will be returning calls. Don’t forget your auto-responders too!


Touch your tribes - Any holiday serves as a great reason to pick up the phone and call your past clients, sphere of influence, and people in your farm or niche. Come from contribution by sharing things such as local holiday events or safety tips.


Eat healthy & drink water - Don’t forget about you! Rather than pitching all your hard work and commitment to getting healthy out the window, pick up some healthy snacks and drinks to munch on while others are stuffing their faces. You will be glad you did. You are worth it! Drink WATER! Lots of it. Dehydration and heat stroke are the big culprits when it comes to summertime emergency room visits.


Wear sunscreen - Good grief the heat is crazy everywhere and no doubt you will be outside at least some of the time. Slather on the spf 30 sunscreen before you dress in the morning so you don’t forget and then reapply throughout the day. You do it for your kids, so do it for yourself too. Going back to work with blisters and painful sunburns is no fun. Not to mention you’ll look like a reptile shedding it’s skin in a few days. Yuck.


Have a wonderful Independence Day!

Be safe & have fun!


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