5 Ways to Avoid Crippling Your Business

Published on August 28, 2012

Courtesy of Affilate Coach, Dayhna Carroll


Most people in business understand there will be bumps in the road.  While preparation may be key, being in the moment is actually the hidden gem.  What cripples most business owners and CEOs is analysis paralysis.  As you build and grow, it is easy to criticize your every move.  The big challenge, and one I will share with you, is how to embrace it.


I am a business owner too – quite a few times over. I also have the great privilege of coaching people on their businesses.  Having many live examples to draw from, I came to some startling conclusions.  Read on if you want to know what really enables forward movement, and how to succeed.   Take these tips and watch your business grow.

Here are the top 5 ways to AVOID crippling your business:

1) KNOW that being scared is a natural part of the process.  Most people feel that each business decision needs to be made with surety and confidence.  Some of the biggest CEOs, like the famous Jack Welch of GE, who increased his company’s value by 4000% during his tenure, said An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage”

2) TAKE 5 minutes each day and assess where you are.  This can be challenging for service businesses, because we sell information.  Similar to a brick and mortar, selling product, you must check your shelves and see where you are low, what you have too much of (Tip: put it on sale, give it away, or trash it), and what new “item” you must bring in.

3) HAVE support around you.  Make sure you have at least 2 people in your inner circle that are smarter and more accomplished than you.  Those individuals have usually been in your situation before and can tell you how to move forward.  If you need help, stop and go get it.  Be brave when asking questions.  Be humble when taking advice.

4) DO now.  Action requires us to be in the present moment.  We forget about negatively projecting into the future and we have no time to dwell in the past.  Being in the present moment strips us of our ego, which can trap us into the “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda” thinking.  Even if you are not sure of the action, move anyway.  There will be checks and balances along the way to ensure you are doing the right thing.

5) FIND the fun.  This might sound trite, but know that building an empire is a journey.  Have you watched a baby lately?  As they are learning to stand, they laugh when they fall.  In a flash, you see that laughter turn into a look of determination, as they get back up.  We were all there before.  Incorporate that essence into your business.


Dayhna Carroll is the Founder of Loving Your Living Coaching and Consulting and is an Affiliate Coach with NikkiandChris.com Coaching. Please join us Thursday, August 30th for a FREE upcoming call titled Tapping Into Your Inner CEO featuring Coach Dayhna sharing her insights and wisdom about growing your small business or solo practice.
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