7 Tips for Effectively Working with Senior Communities


1. Get to know the sales team and/or marketing reps and find out what their key challenges are, both personally and professionally. Connect with them on a personal level (this may take a few appointments, but stay with it).


2. Come from contribution by providing possible resources, support, and solutions to any challenges the community and/or community reps are having. NOTE: One key universal challenge is getting more residents moved into their community (their job, like ours, is to generate leads).


3. Stay in touch frequently both in person and by phone. You can do this through "pop-bys" where you stop in and leave an item of value (Brian Buffini coined the "pop-by" phrase), include them in an informative email campaign, sponsoring community events, teaching classes, etc. Consider touching base with them once a week for the first 8 weeks and then every 3 weeks at minimum.


4. Provide feedback to the referral source each time you talk with someone they refer. Keep them informed of the status of the referral and any pertinent information that would help them serve their resident.


5. Attend senior networking events in your city and become a part of the senior service community on a regular basis. Consistency and contribution are the key. It is better to NOT attend at all than to attend irregularly or only attend to ask for referrals.


6. Give before expecting to receive (law of reciprocity). Make it a point to add value and contribute to their lives before asking for referrals. Be genuinely engaged in helping them to succeed and they will naturally choose to help you as well.


7. Include an informative blog or article in your monthly newsletter sharing information with your sphere of influence. Be sure to personally show your contacts at the community where they can locate the article and how many people received it. Cross marketing is a powerful force.


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