About Us

Hi!  We are Nikki and Chris Buckelew and we are excited that you have landed on our website!

There are no coincidences. There are at least a few potential reasons you showed up on our site.

  • You are a high achiever and you heard that other high achievers hang out here!
  • Your business is rocketing like crazy at the expense of your personal life and relationships.
  • Or maybe you were referred here by someone you respect, someone who loves you, or someone who wants to see you unlock your true potential.
  • Maybe you weren’t referred and instead you are on a quest to find a resource that will help you to overcome some challenges, face some fears, achieve some big hairy audacious goals, or pursue a lifelong dream.  One thing led to another that led to another that led to, well... here.
  • Our personal favorite... You have no idea why you landed here. And yet...here you are.

Remember, there are no coincidences!


So who are Nikki and Chris?

We aren’t magicians nor are we especially brilliant. And we certainly aren’t the keepers of the magic pill.

We are just people... coaches and trainers who know that every person has WAY MORE POTENTIAL than they believe they have. We love seeing people at their best. We thrive on lifting people out of “average” and into “limitless possibilities.”

And most importantly, we are good at it.

See for yourself ... Check out what our clients have to say


Who are our clients?

That is an awesome question! Our clients are just like you and they are just like us. They are mostly high achievers with real fears, real concerns, and real obstacles.  Many have already achieved greatness in one area or another in their life and are now ready to do it again. Some have had that burning desire for something more for a very long time and didn't know how to get it. And still others are looking for a change in one or more areas of their life.

See if you hear yourself in any of the following sentiments...


“I am tired of being average. I know I have the ability to earn more that I earn now and I just can’t seem to get out of this rut.”

“My keep hitting my head on the glass ceiling. It’s like I am caught in a cycle I can’t break."

“There seems to be a lot of negativity everywhere. I need to be around people and in an environment where people are positive and growing. That is why I looked you up. I heard high achievers and positive people hang out here.”

“Business is good, but we know it can be better.  We are willing to do anything to make sure we succeed at a high level and we know we need high achiever mentors to help us get there.”

“My friend hired you a while back and now I barely recognize him. He is so different...happy and productive. I want what he has. He told me that you could help me get it.”

“We went to a training you did and we loved your energy. That is what is missing in my life, both my business and my relationships... no energy, no excitement, no nothing. Based on your training, I think you are the right coaches to help me start having more fun again.”

"I want a total life makeover! I want a new career, a new body, a new house, a new hobby, and a new life! (I do want to keep my husband though)."

"My job is to increase company revenue. Right now we are barely making it and I am looking for resources to take my team from good to great."


These are statements from real clients JUST LIKE YOU who “found” Nikki and Chris.


What we want from you...

  • Show up! No one grows or get’s what they want by hiding out. Be candid and be real.
  • Suit up! If you want to play the game of life at a high level... get your gear and hit the field. Practice daily disciplines that move you forward.
  • Play hard! No one wins every time. Even on the worst of days, give it your best... be 100% all in.
  • Have Fun! Life is too short to focus on the junk. Live in your strength zone and prioritize your values.
  • Finish strong! Commitment is the key. Adopt the “failure is not an option” mentality.

If not us (not sure why you wouldn't hire us, but nonetheless)... hire someone who will connect you to your potential so you will become your best version of YOU.

Are you ready?

Our coaching and training programs are not for everyone.

We only work with clients who really WANT to move forward.  If you are tired of settling for second best...sick of the same old same old...have BIG goals and BIG dreams...or recognize that you need a team to win the game ...Call us.


We have four final questions ...


You already know the answer... so what will it be?


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