Are you Brave Enough to Tell Clients Why You Love Your Job?

Published on September 17, 2012


Do you love your job? No, I mean it. Don't just blow me off. I'm actually asking.


Do you REALLY love being a REALTOR? Do you love helping people buy and sell homes?


Think about it for a minute; I'd like a truly honest answer.


Do you love the real estate business?


It's okay if you don't. There's no judgment here and I'm not asking you to respond if you don't think you really do. Maybe you're getting by nicely: hell, maybe you're doing exceptionally well with real estate.


But you don't really love it. That's totally fine. Millions of people are successful in jobs that they don't really love and that's perfectly kosher.


Pass over this and you don't need to read any further, if you don't care to.


If you love your job – if you massively dig helping others buy and sell cool homes and properties – I'd love to hear from you.


And I have a question for you: why don't you think about telling everyone why and how you love your job?


Can you spend a simple 20 minutes to just sit down and explain – on paper or the computer screen – what makes you tick and why you love this real estate business? Yes, think about it and actually write it down.


And I'd love to see it. No, I won't share them with anyone else without your permission. But I would suggest that you think about making that piece a part of your marketing kit and – if you blog – your next blog post.


Now let's be clear. This article has to be good. Spill your soul and heart and be a human. Tell your clients and prospects why you love what you do – be HONEST – and let your future customers know you as a person and why you care about helping them.


Would that be really powerful and go a long way toward building a relationship with clients and helping them to understand and feel comfortable with you?


And one more suggestion; if you don't REALLY love the real estate business, please do not try to fake it just to have another flyer in your kit. The lack of honesty will be perceived and it'll be more damaging to you than just letting this idea flow by. Trust me.


I thought it was an interesting idea and, if you're comfortable sending me your blog post, I'd love to see it. If you have any doubts as to whether or not you should post or print it, I'll give you my opiniom.


Just send 'em to me at [email protected]


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