Are you satisfied?

Published on September 28, 2011


If you are a Type A personality, or in other words, a High Achiever, we understand that having big dreams, plans, and goals comes naturally to you.  You know how to work hard and multi-task, and how to attract new opportunities.

You see more, want more, and can do more for your family and in your business.


People like you achieve many things through their natural temperament and talents alone.


If your goal is to succeed in business while raising a family, your natural temperament will take you most of the way.  Satisfaction, however, may be more elusive.


People like you can also carry the burden of a scary little secret:  your family life is consistently coming up short, and you aren’t quite sure how to change that.


Is anyone really satisfied with his or her family life and business life?

We have seen and experienced the profound effect that honesty, motivation, and planning can have on the careers and family lives of High Achievers. We saw it in our own careers.


How do you handle this tenuous balance between business and family life?

  • Recognize that as a High Achiever, you are vulnerable to a lack of balance in your Work, Family Life, Health, Fun, and Creativity/Individuality. Imbalance will infect everything you do, so that if one area suffers, then all suffer.

Balance comes from mindfulness, awareness, planning, and a daily decision to be a High Achiever in every area of your life.

  • Refuse to complain, blame others, or make excuses when you feel that being a High Achiever is causing tension between your work and family life.

Tension is merely one of the challenges faced by a High Achiever. Finding ways to convert this unsettled feeling—or “tension’’— into an asset is a valuable practice that can lead to more satisfaction for you in both your business and your family.

  • Cultivate awareness of the complexities of your big dreams, your goals and your long-range plans, and how they intertwine with your family dreams, goals, and long-range plans.


Reaching sought-after dreams or goals is not so satisfying if you get there and have no one to share your success with you.  If you can see your business and family life as interdependent, then you will be more motivated to do the work that it takes to find satisfaction in both.


Are you satisfied with your family life and business life?




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