Balancing Face Time with Facebook – My Personal Challenge

Published on July 2, 2012


Nikki Facebook

I don’t know about you, but I am finding it more and more challenging to “get out and see the people!” That is in fact how Ihave built every successful business I have owned.

It would be easy to say that there just isn’t enough time, but that would be a flat out lie. There is plenty of time. The fact of the matter (for me anyway) is that it is just easier (and cooler lately) to just hang out on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

I get sucked in. I admit it. 

But is it as effective? Maybe it is for some. There are plenty of my friends and colleagues who are getting clients from it and who are finding great joy in the social media interactions. Growing lists and gaining followers is certainly a proven way to increase your influence. Believe me, I’m all in... I’m doing my best to get content out and  “share the love” with as many people as will tune in. Chris spends the bulk of his time creating, updating, and managing websites, widgets, deep links, forms, mailing lists, and whatever else happens behind the scenes to keep us on the cutting edge (I’d rather not know).

For me it’s about balance. It’s about doing what energizes me MORE than what drains me. Lets face it, when you are in the growth phase of a new business, you are going to be doing some of each. We are in the midst of growing not one, but 4 businesses. Crazy? Yes. I know.

If you were to look at my graph on the popular behavior profile commonly referred to as the DISC, you will see that my ‘D’ and my ‘I’

are WAY up there on the scale... almost to the top. My ‘S’ and ‘C’ are in the proverbial basement (which means that I don’t like a lot of structure and the “rules” are optional most of the time). Couple my high “driver” and “influencer” tendencies with my extroverted personality and it is clear that I need to be out “seeing the people” in order to re-energize. 


Being on Facebook is fine for a while. It helps me stay in tune with what is going on with people in my tribes, but it lacks the human element of connectivity that I so crave. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a social butterfly per se. I don’t get into mixers that involve endless and mindless chatter about politics, entertainment, and world events (usually over several glasses of wine). I prefer to hang out in learning environments like conferences, seminars, and meetings with compelling and informative speakers and presenters. My favorite thing is to BE the presenter or trainer, but my second favorite is to be in the audience of an environment where I can grow and learn. 

Back to the issue of balance. When I look at my primary core values (contribution, growth, collaboration, freedom, creativity, andrecognition) along with my extroverted personality and driver-influencer behavioral style, it becomes obvious that in order for me to be fulfilled, I need to be WITH people and not just superficially interacting via social media.

All of this personal exploration (and that’s all this really is) reveals why I love teaching and training so much and why Facebook just doesn’t “do it” for me. And so back out I go... looking for more ways to contribute to and collaborate with others “live and in person.”

Anyone know a good booking agent?

I sure need one! Hummm... Maybe I should post that on Facebook. Or maybe I'll tweet about it!




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