Real Estate Is My Business. Not my life.

Published on November 9, 2011

Friends vs Job

Because the NAR (National Association of Realtors) ad campaign telling people “We are Realtors. Real estate is our life” bugs the crap out of me,  I decided to do a little journaling in my online journal in hopes that it will make me feel a little better.

It did in fact help (as my journaling usually does) and then I wondered if maybe my thoughts could somehow contribute to others and decided to share it in my blog. It’s probably rough around the edges as a result, so ignore the grammar and read for content please.

Dear NAR Public Relations/Ad


Are Your Goals Holding You Back?

Published on November 8, 2011 Goal Image

It is that time of year when many business owners reflect upon how their current year will end and how their next 12 months will begin. Part of this process involves setting new goals for a new year.

Can you really mess that up? Yes. The fact is, you can actually set yourself up for failure if you approach your goal setting from a flawed position to begin with. The failure to reach your true potential anyway! 

5 Goal Setting Mistakes

1. Thinking in reverse. Setting goals based on what you already know you can do based on past performance. …


Are You Creating Your Own Stress?

Published on November 1, 2011

Sales race at

For all the high-achievers out there who aren’t giving themselves enough credit for their accomplishments. For those who are isolating themselves in the name of a goal. And for those who are trying to become a version of themselves that someone else has designed.

A little over a year ago, I realized a trend in some of the top agents I was coaching. These were highly driven, success oriented, obedient, and talented people, being compelled to fully engage in a training course whereby they were challenged to compete and “win” by following a set of pre-determined rules over a period …


Excuses are like…You fill in the blank!

Published on October 25, 2011

At the gym this week I was doing my post-work out stretches. A lady a bit older than me standing in ear-shot commented to another woman, “Look at that girl. She looks like a pretzel.” The second woman then sighed and said only one word, “Youth.”

Naturally there was that little part of me that was flattered by the admiration, however, the comment about youth kinda stung. The fact is, I could barely bend at all a year ago. My muscles were so tight that I was in constant pain. I went to the chiropractor 2 or 3 times a …


3 Ways Realtors Can Make Halloween Fun With Purpose!

Published on October 21, 2011

I think that this whole idea of “professionalism” in the work place is overrated. The fact is, people want to do business with REAL people with whom they can connect. One way to help people get to know you is to include your kids or your family in your business!

Halloween is a perfect vehicle for forging connections and business opportunities while also serving as a fun family affair. Here are three (or more) strategies to get you started.

1. Get creative and get connected.

If you kids are old enough, hire them to be your personal assistant in charge …


Make Winter the Best 3 Months of the Year in Real Estate

Published on October 17, 2011

It is the time of year that we begin to hear anxiety in Realtors who live in colder climates about the upcoming winter months. They often associate the winter months with being slow and not much business being transacted.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

We are going to share 3 Key Strategies that when implemented will make the winter months three or four of the best months of the year in your real estate practice.

1. Get What You Expect

What you focus on grows so if you focus on having slow months, that is what you will …


Plan to Succeed! 2012 is Your Year!

Published on October 7, 2011

It’s hard to believe, but it is in fact time to begin creating your 2012 business plan.   In working the last several years with Realtors across the country to develop their business plans, we have have developed a PRE-BUSINESS PLAN checklist.

Block a little time in October to gather the information you will need to develop your Success Plan for 2012.

Year-to-date numbers:

  • How many total units have you closed? This is buyers closed and sellers closed.
  • What is the total volume on those closed units? This is sum of the closed sales prices.
  • How many total closed units were

From Idols to Mentors to Lifter Uppers

Published on October 1, 2011

Warning: This blog post is too long (about 3x) according to all experts. Proceed with caution.

Remember growing up as teenagers and all those teen idols? Depending on your generation, it could have been Sandra Dee, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Burt Reynolds, the Beach Boys, Scott Baio, Andy Gibb, Kristy McNichol, or Greg Evanson. In my generation, it was Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Brooke Shields, and Mariah Carey. And now it’s Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga and Sponge Bob Square Pants (I couldn’t think of any more).

As we grow up though (thank God), we begin to admire and appreciate different …