Building a Personal Platform for Your Real Estate Niche

Published on November 8, 2012


Creating a speciality niche in your real estate practice can be both exciting and exhausting. Most of the time it is exciting because the energy around a specific interest or passion can serve to stoke the fire when in some cases it was about to be otherwise snuffed out.

On the flip side, if the fire hand’t been burning hot for a while, it usually also means that funds are low, systems have been neglected, and once strong connections are now questionable.

Never fear! Your new passion and SoulFire energy will shine through and spark the interest of those …


3 Key Platforms for Attracting Leads to Your Real Estate Business

Published on November 7, 2012


Real estate license - Check.

Sponsoring broker - Check.

Association Dues and MLS - Check.

Cards, signs, lockboxes, website - Check.


Now how do I get leads?

Great question. Isn’t that what all sales people want to know? If there was an easy way to identify leads, sales would be easy and then everyone would be doing it.


Attracting leads is simple - but not easy

Here are 3 Key Platforms that successful agents develop in order to fill their sales funnels.

  • Personal Platform

Your current sphere of influence. This includes people that you have close relationships …


See It – Feel It – Trust It

Published on October 29, 2012

We rented the movie “Seven Days in Utopia” starring Robert Duvall and Lucas Black. I am no big into golf, but it seemed like a nice relaxing ‘feel good’ kind of movie and it was.

I’m not doing a movie review here, but mainly wanted to share a quote that came from the movie. As Robert Duvall, “Uncle Johnny,” mentored and coached this young Texas golfer, he wrote these initials on the golf ball S-F-T.  This was powerful. It is what we teach our coaching clients, but Uncle Johnny made it so simple.



See It: Visualize the shot.


Let’s Talk Possum Urine

Published on October 27, 2012

This whole blogging thing is still very new to me. I like it, but at times, I wonder if I am really making any headway when it comes to building an audience, adding value to my tribe, or driving traffic to my site.

But when someone calls me "out of the blue" and says, "I have been reading your blogs and following you on Twitter and Facebook and I would like to hire you," I regain my confidence in the Universe and keep moving forward in my efforts.

Today I was particularly inspired by a video created by a couple …


Halloween is Perfect Holiday to Add Value to Your Tribe

Published on October 25, 2012


Just a few days from now, the goblins and gremlins come out in droves. There will be carnivals, costumes, pumpkin parties, and apple cider in every community across the country.

So what can you do to not only enjoy this seemingly "dark" holiday, but also to capitalize on it to grow your biz?


Halloween is a perfect vehicle for adding value to your tribe while also serving as a fun family affair.

Here are few strategies to get you started.

1. Get creative and get connected.

If you kids are old enough, hire them to be your personal …


Do You Really Know What You Want? I mean REALLY?

Published on October 25, 2012

When I start coaching with a a new client, there are a few questions I ask right at the beginning.

The first one usually something like, “What do you want or expect to get from coaching?” They usually reply with something along the lines of, “I want to hit my goals,” or “I need someone to hold me accountable.”

Naturally, this leads me to my next question, “What are your goals, dreams, intentions, and desires?” or “What is it that you want that you don’t have now?”


Here is where it gets interesting...

Virtually everyone has a hard time …


Coach Dayhna’s Reminder to Revisit Your Dreams

Published on October 22, 2012


By Affiliate Coach, Dayhna Carroll

Is it time for your dreams to get a makeover?  Revisiting your dreams raises your energy levels and keeps you in the moment.  Being in the moment forces you to focus on your feelings; in the feeling realm there is no right or wrong, there is no time to dwell in the past, or project into the future.

I like the ease of Sundays.  It fuels the energy of slowing down – and it is a great time to dream build.  I have always been a big fan of keeping your dreams in front …


Natural to Disaster – Out of Practice for Sure

Published on October 2, 2012

Ok, so now that I have had a chance to reflect, it occurs to me that “disaster” may be overstating it just a bit. Let’s just say that I was very discombobulated as I headed out for Columbus, OH to teach a 3 hour continuing education class at the Ohio Association of Realtors convention this week.

I rarely feel this way about traveling. A bit out of control. Scattered. Fuzzy headed. Clear one moment and totally off the wall the next. I am usually pretty put together...prepared...capable.

There were a few other signs that I was not on my game …