We Are Expanding!

Published on August 31, 2012


The month of July has been a month of amazing change and expansion for us. Not only did we relocate back to Austin, TX after spending 18 beautiful months in sunny Southwest Florida, we also found ourselves launching an organization that has been 10 years in the making, the Seniors Real Estate Institute.

But wait...there's more!

And as if that wasn’t enough, with the nudging of several coaches and a few good friends, we began expanding our NikkiandChris.com coaching practice to include affiliate coaches too! What’s weird is that it wasn’t all part of some master plan we envisioned …


5 Ways to Avoid Crippling Your Business

Published on August 28, 2012

Courtesy of Affilate Coach, Dayhna Carroll


Most people in business understand there will be bumps in the road.  While preparation may be key, being in the moment is actually the hidden gem.  What cripples most business owners and CEOs is analysis paralysis.  As you build and grow, it is easy to criticize your every move.  The big challenge, and one I will share with you, is how to embrace it.


I am a business owner too – quite a few times over. I also have the great privilege of coaching people on their businesses.  Having many live examples

Namaste – Texan Style

Published on August 22, 2012

Let’s be clear. We are PROUD Oklahomans and faithful OU Sooner football fans (Boomer Sooner) no doubt. Always have been and I’m guessing we always will be.

And even though we have relocated from our home state, we are proud to be OKC Thunder fans too!

So why does Austin, TX (Longhorn Country) feel so much like home?


I’ll tell you why...

1. People wave. Yes, they wave. Whether driving a car, walking the dog, jogging, baby in stroller, on a skateboard, sitting on the porch... people wave. It’s the right thing to do and I love it. It


Austin, TX or Bust!

Published on July 26, 2012

Yes, it's true! We sold our home in Marco Island, Florida, and are Austin bound.

Only 47 days on the market. Cash buyer with 2 weeks to close. Whew!

How did we do it?

I see it as a combination of only 3 things...

1. We priced it according to the market. Based on list to sales price ratio, we knew where to start and where we would likely end up after negotiations. There were two low offers before getting the 3rd which concluded at virtually the exact number we expected based on comps and market conditions.

2. Our home …


Robin Sharma Speaks on Leadership

Published on July 22, 2012

Today at the health coaching conference in Washington DC I got an opportunity to hear keynote speaker, Robin Sharma, author of “The Leader Who Had No Title” and founder of Sharma Leadership International.

As always, I take away some golden nuggets from any talk I hear and today was no different. Before I share my personal take-away though, I thought I would just share some of my notes.

"The fears you don’t face become your limits.” Loved this quote. It is so true. When we allow our fears to get in the way of our dreams, we impede our progress …


Tony Jeary Shares Tips on Being an Effective Presenter

Published on July 20, 2012

When people hear that I have done a fair amount of speaking and training in front of large groups, I often get requests for pointers on things people can do to become a better public speaker.

Today I had  the opportunity to attend Take Shape for Life's 10th Annual National Conference in Washington DC and sit in on a training given by profesional speaker, trainer, coach, and author, Tony Jeary. Known as  "The Results Guy," Jeary recently authored the book, "Strategic Acceleration - Succeed at the speed of Life."

I haven't yet read the book (they gave us a copy …


Avoid 5 of the Biggest Networking No-No’s

Published on July 16, 2012

When done correctly, face-to- face networking (yes with real live people) in certain circles can be a valuable way to meet key influencers, learn more about your niche market, and expand your connections.

Key ingredients when engaging in networking events:

  • First impressions are important – VERY important
  • Differentiate yourself from other people in your field
  • Come from contribution
  • Look for and connect with key members
  • Be consistent

1. Make a good first impression

It is much easier to make a good first impression than it is to fix a bad one. Take time to prepare in advance and consider what …


Motivating the Unmotivated

Published on July 14, 2012

Many of my clients are working to leverage their time through hiring additional sales people.  This can be a double edged sword to say the least. The goal is to have someone on the team who is self-directed and capable of not only handling business given to them, but also going out and generating new business.

I can't tell you how many coaching conversations that start out with the client asking, "How do I motivate _____ to generate more business?" Well, I came across a great article  (below) that shares some insights directly related to that question. Enjoy...