Building a Personal Platform for Your Real Estate Niche

Published on November 8, 2012


Creating a speciality niche in your real estate practice can be both exciting and exhausting. Most of the time it is exciting because the energy around a specific interest or passion can serve to stoke the fire when in some cases it was about to be otherwise snuffed out.

On the flip side, if the fire hand’t been burning hot for a while, it usually also means that funds are low, systems have been neglected, and once strong connections are now questionable.

Never fear! Your new passion and SoulFire energy will shine through and spark the interest of those in your circle leading to more conversations, more opportunities, and referrals that light your fire. 

As such, there are 3 Key Platforms to be built as you create your “overall” real estate specialty or niche platform:

  1. Personal Platform
  2. Professional Platform
  3. Public Platform


In this post, we are going to look more closely at your Personal Platform.

Who makes up your personal platform?

Your current sphere of influence or SOI (sometimes referred to as Circle of Influence - COI) including people that you have close relationships with like friends and family. It also includes your past and current clients, organizational affiliations, colleagues, and acquaintances.

Are you a member of a civic club, church, sports team, or musical group? Are you involved in activities surrounding your children, volunteer organizations, or philanthropic endeavors? If so, you know people through all of these vehicles and collectively they make up your SOI.


Not all relationships are created equally

Within your SOI you are going to have relationships with varying degrees of depth, so create categories which will help you to later establish your action plans for each member of your personal platform.

Consider an alphanumeric system of categorization or whatever system best works for you. Here is an example:

A - Personal =

Raving fans, close connections, frequent contact, established referral history.

These people love you and send you business whether you ask or not. They would never consider doing business or referring business elsewhere. You could call them for a favor and they could call you for one as well.

B -  Personal =

Established history, first name basis, infrequent contact, inconsistent referral history.

People in this category would or have referred to you when asked. They like you and you like them, but you just aren’t closely connected. If they called you for a favor you would do it, but chances are they wouldn’t call you for a favor.

C - Personal =

Acquaintances, rare contact, strained or distant relationship, no referral history.

In this group there are a mixture of people you have not stayed in touch with or who you don’t feel particularly fond of. They may refer to you if you asked, however, it will take some effort to reconnect.

D - Personal =

New relationship

Just met these people. Don’t really know yet where it will lead, so they are a “D” by default and awaiting a status change based on future connections. People don’t stay in “D” status indefinitely.


Your specialty is an excuse to spark new conversations

Most of the time creating more sales is about having more conversations. When you can add meaning to those conversations thereby creating “more meaningful conversations,” you are virtually guaranteed to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Step 1: Clarify your ideal client and why you are passionate about serving them - “Who”

Step 2: Clarify your WOW value proposition for that ideal client - “What”

Step 3: Define what your ideal client will experience by working with you - “Why”

Step 4: Pick up the phone and share with your SOI your passion around #1, #2, & #3 and how they can help you find people that are a match - “How”


We already know from statistics provided by top producing agents in the Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, the many advantages of focusing on one’s “MET” database consisting of those they already know vs. those they have not yet met personally.

Add to those the newfound SoulFire and spark of energy that your specialty niche adds to your business and it is a no-brainer for creating not just more, but better business opportunities.

And sometimes better is better than more anyway, right?


Nikki Buckelew is the Founder and CEO of the Seniors Real Estate Institute, a coaching and training company for real estate and senior housing professionals committed to serving senior adults, and Co-Founder and President of Coaching and Training, a coaching and training company for real estate agents, brokers, and leaders with SoulFire.

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