Don’t Let Illusion Defeat You: Think SoulFire

Published on September 11, 2013

The picture posted below is what inspired me to write on the topic of illusion.


I mean, look at that! It's an illusion of the highest order. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines illusion as “the state or fact of being intellectually deceived or misled.”

When I write about SoulFire, when I discuss SoulFire agents, when I coach on how to live a SoulFire life, what I'm talking about is the ability to cut through the illusion.

Your life is loaded with illusion and, in fact, much of what we perceive daily is just that. Each of us goes through each day, processing information and coming to literally thousands of conclusions every 24 hours. Have you ever considered how many of your conclusions are likely erroneous? I'd bet you it's a pretty huge number.

Do you really know what your spouse is thinking right now or why they're acting the way they are? Do you really know why your best client quit your service or what inspired that last home seller to move on to another agent? Yes, we think maybe we do, but that's the tricky thing about illusion: we just don't actually know.

Still, we stumble on, regularly oblivious to the fact that we have no idea what really is going on.

But the worst part of not being able to see through all of these illusions is when we begin to believe the lies we tell ourselves. That's why I developed the SoulFire plan for living – to help individuals see where their truth ends and begins.

All too often we get caught up in the illusion that we're not strong enough, or not disciplined, smart, attractive, lucky or flat-out good enough. You can insert any negative adjective you'd like in the previous examples.

When I work with Realtors and others on building a SoulFire life, the process focuses on abandoning all of the false illusions you have.


Really? you're not smooth enough to cold call? Really, you're just not good at generating leads or networking? Really? You just don't have what it takes to build a six-figure income? Really? You just don't have the patience or time to be a good spouse or parent?


Those – and hundreds more – are all nothing but filthy, stinking, ugly lies. They are illusions. They are wrong.

SoulFire is about moving past those and learning how to see yourself, others, and circumstances in an entirely different light. And that's why I love growing SoulFire in my clients. It awakens them to the possibility of an entirely different approach and life.

If something is missing in your world, if you have a hunch that the illusions have overtaken you, then give me a call or email. Let's talk and discuss whether there's some SoulFire that needs lit in you.

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