Excuses are like…You fill in the blank!

Published on October 25, 2011

At the gym this week I was doing my post-work out stretches. A lady a bit older than me standing in ear-shot commented to another woman, “Look at that girl. She looks like a pretzel.” The second woman then sighed and said only one word, “Youth.” www.nikkiandchris.com

Naturally there was that little part of me that was flattered by the admiration, however, the comment about youth kinda stung. The fact is, I could barely bend at all a year ago. My muscles were so tight that I was in constant pain. I went to the chiropractor 2 or 3 times a week and when traveling I had on call Docs almost everywhere I went.

It wasn’t until I started taking private yoga sessions per my chiropractor’s recommendation (thank you Robert Schmidt!) that I got some relief. For nearly a year now, I have been practicing my stretches and doing things that frankly hurt like hell a lot of the time.

This woman in the gym, however, didn’t bother to consider all the time I had spent, the money I invested, and the effort I had put forth to get to the point of looking like a pretzel. She merely “assumed” I could do it because I was young. Ha. Everything is relative, right?

I say, “Let’s all just dispense with the excuses.” My ability to be flexible had NOTHING to do with youth. It had to do with my intention to get better, a lot of effort, and time on task over time. Nothing more, nothing less.

That woman is no different than most of us. We all fall into the proverbial “victim trap.” It is easy to make excuses. It is easy to rationalize why someone else can and is doing something that you aren’t. It is easy to be a victim.

What isn’t easy is facing the reality that in order to get what you want, sometimes you have to put in some time, energy, and effort.

And probably for more than just a day or two.

It was worth it to me to no longer live in pain. It was worth it to me to not have to take pain medication or bushels of ibuprofen. It was worth it to me to get my life back. So I put in the time, money, and effort to make it happen. And it was worth every minute, dollar, and agonizing stretch.

What are you secretly making excuses about, rationalizing, or chalking up to “youth?”  What would happen if instead of playing the age card, the time in the business card, the “I have kids” card, or the countless other victim cards in the deck, you simply proclaimed...

“I am committed and I am worth it. My goals, dreams and life can be the way I CHOOSE and I am going to stop making excuses and take action."

Nothing happens over night. Maybe in the movies, but not in real life. Is it possible that this is the problem? We watch these weekly programs and they seem to knock out whatever they need to accomplish in just 30 short minutes, including commercials!

The truth is, massive results and course corrections require 3 things:

  1. Intention - create and cement your vision
  2. Purposeful productive activity - take action
  3. Time on task over time - Commitment to the goal

Where in your life are you settling for a view from the sidelines when you should be on the field?

  • Making more money?
  • Strengthening your relationships?
  • Paying off debt?
  • Getting healthy?
  • Losing weight?

You have what it takes. You deserve to have what you want. You can do it.

It’s a choice.

It’s YOUR choice.
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Nikki and Chris are recognized international real estate coaches, trainers, and speakers. Their specialty is guiding real estate agents and brokers toward creating highly profitable businesses and amazingly successful lives.  Clients who hire Nikki and Chris are often seeking assistance in increasing their profitability without sacrificing their health, relationships, and core values. To learn more or see additional blogs go to www.nikkiandchris.com.

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