Gotta Have It to Give It

Published on August 31, 2011

Having just come off of a 4 day training in West Palm Beach, Florida with some of the brightest minds in the coaching and training industry, I am a whirlwind of ideas, thoughts, and emotions.

I can’t even describe how excited I am to be adding new mentors into my life such as Paul Martinelli, Christian Simpson, Ed DeCosta, Roddy Galbraith, Scott Fay, and last but certainly not least, author, speaker, teacher, leadership guru and mentor to many, John Maxwell.

How exciting it is to now be one of John Maxwell’s Independent Certified Coaches, Trainers, and Speakers and also a part of a mastermind group of high level thought leaders in the industry.

John’s teachings help ground me in my faith and balance the “people” side of my life.

Other amazing, successful, and talented mentors Chris and I keep on speed dial include coaching duos Kane Minkus and Jeff Slayter, and Anna and Art Kleimer.  These particular coaches are always stretching my thinking and require me to SHOW UP by living up to my highest and best potential. And they don’t allow me to settle for less than I deserve (personally, professionally, or financially)!

Being involved in a variety of industry related venues of late, I have been having this back and forth internal tug-o-war lately related to the two things we do...

  • Serving people
  • Making a living (i.e Money)

For me, there is a very interesting balance between adding value to people’s lives and making money.

Some might say that if you have the heart of a servant leader, your fees should reflect an amount that allows everyone to access them (i.e. cheap). Others might assert that you can add more value to more lives when you are financially rewarded and have more available resources at your disposal, so if you can get a higher rate, go higher.

So what do I believe? Great question and I will be totally honest with you!

My learning model (past programming), undoubtedly established from the time I was very young, is one that asserts the following:

~Wealth is not important.
~Money should never be your focus.
~Too much money just creates problems.
~Focus on hard work and a good work ethic.
~Hard work is honorable.
~You don’t need money to be happy.

Perhaps these sentiments sound familiar to you too?

The knowledge I have gained over the past 25 years of "working hard" and "doing the right thing" has taught me this.

  1. I can work hard and make a lot of money OR I can work hard and not make much. I can work only a few hours a week and make a lot of money OR I can work only a few hours and not make much.
  2. Hard work, hours worked, nor a good work ethic correlate with the amount of money I make. Period. I am paid in direct proportion to the value I bring.
  3. Money is good for the good it does. Money is not innately “good” nor is it “bad.” It does not make us, it reveals our true selves. We can use it to do good OR we can use for evil.
  4. I don’t have to choose. I can add value to people AND make a lot of money. When I have more money, I am able to donate more, sponsor more not-for-profit events, donate my time, and help others in big ways.
  5. When I have money, I focus totally on others (that feels good). When I am broke... I am totally focused on myself (that sucks).

So, back to what I believe...

Hard work IS honorable. No doubt! A good work ethic IS critical. And money should NEVER be your sole focus. Ever.

Money is only a problem when we use it for evil or squander it without purpose. People with money AND those without choose happiness.

Money or no money, happiness is a choice.Financial abundance

Money is abundant. There is as much if not more money and more opportunity in the Universe than ever. It isn’t hiding. It is everywhere.

The challenge most people have is this...

  • They are focusing on scarcity rather than abundance.
  • People are using their circumstances or their past as an excuse for not reaching their potential. They are professional victims.
  • People are watching too much gosh darn CNN (Continuously Negative News).


Can you make a lot of money and add value to millions all over the world and in your own back yard?

Of course you can!

The question is, “Will you?”

If you answered “YES” and ... your next question is “How?”... try on a new question for size...


Who will be your coach, mentor, trainer, and friend that helps you get to the next level?

Who will help you get the results you deserve and reach your potential? None of us arrive alone!

Call or email us today to find out how we help people like you get what they want!

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