Guard Your Real Estate Reputation: Learning from the Brian Williams Scandal

Published on February 9, 2015

by Nikki Buckelew

The real estate agents who have been drawn to working with Chris and I as real estate coaches typically are a different breed of agent or broker. They've noticed our real estate coaching approach is quite different than the traditional model. As a result, we tend to attract clients who are most interested in not only improving their real estate business, but also improving their entire life holistically. It all goes together.

As such, we typically get the honor of working almost exclusively with agents who hold themselves to high standards as it concerns professional integrity, honesty, and building a reputation as a healthy, happy, and reliable real estate agent.

Professional Integrity. Honesty. Reliability. Impeccability.

Those are the traits most desired and most displayed by the agents Chris and I work with (and have worked with) as real estate agents. And they should be.

They also are traits that many people would expect (and feel) for respected journalists like NBC News anchor Brian Williams. Those traits, as part of his reputation, are the reason that Williams has risen to the level that he has. People loved Walter Cronkite because they felt a sense of integrity, reliability, and honesty from him. So, when allegations are raised that perhaps Williams has “exaggerated” some stories, it's a big news deal.

I'm not interested in discussing whether the allegations against Mr. Williams are true or whether the media bloodbath is fair. But what's drawn my interest is how easy it is for a spotless reputation of business and personal integrity to be quickly scuttled on the turn of a dime.

Brian Williams NBC scandal

Of course, I'm not suggesting that you ever have to worry about being part of a local scandal that shows up on your local TV news or newspaper. I would never be that dramatic! But, as real estate agents, we work to build our reputation one client and one listing at a time and, over the years, hopefully it becomes a huge part of your brand and reputation.

So, I just felt a little urge to remind you (and all of us!) how vital every action and every client is in maintaining a hard-earned reputation as a good, reliable, honest, professional, real estate agent in your community. Guard it jealously.

The drama and potential career devastation currently being suffered by Brian Williams is a very sad thing. Make sure no one ever, truthfully, has actual cause to question your business integrity and reliability as a real estate agent.

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