How Cheating Works: Building a Great Life as a Real Estate Agent

Published on December 31, 2014

by Nikki Buckelew

I've pretty much decided that the fate of humankind rests solely on the timely dissemination of wisdom and quotes via the memes and images we all see daily on Facebook, Instagram, and across the Internet.

While that statement is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, there are many worthy concepts that are so easily summed up in just a few words and therefore the perfect length for just such an image.

So, you say you'd like to improve things in your life, either personally, professionally, or both?

What would happen if you simply focused on developing a plan (and following it) around this philosophy?

real estate coaches/consultants

I came across this piece recently and it does a nice job of cutely summing up some things that will dramatically alter any of our lives for the better. In fact, I'd say these four avenues of thought are specifically what I employed when I made the decision to jump into some HUGE projects over the past couple of years.

Cheating on Fear: It's gotta go. Cheat on it all you want. Fear is the single most negative thing in the entire known universe. Regardless of whether you have promised Fear that you will never leave and will allow it to cling to your side for eons, cheating on Fear with a beautiful new catch is the only way to go.

Breaking Up with Doubt: Take off that class ring, send anxiety a goodbye text, deliver some black roses to insecurity. Doubt is a child of fear and eats away at the soul-given knowledge that you truly CAN accomplish pretty much anything you wish. Kick doubt to the curb; it has you pathetically tied around its pinkie finger.

Get Engaged to Faith: Agreeing to a lifelong bond with the magic of faith will leave you breathless. Faith will make you tingle when she walks in the room. Strap on that ring and have faith that everything will work as it should - not necessarily exactly how you envision, but perhaps in an even better way.

A Dream Marriage: Actively nurturing each of the points above results in a lasting union of happiness that will finally bring you to a place where you are exactly what you're pretty sure you should be. But, just like any successful marriage in “real life,” trashing your doubts and fears and having big, boisterous faith is exactly what's required. And, oh yeah, ya gotta be flexible and be ready to claim your dreams even when they come wrapped in ways you'd never imagined.

Do you feel an urge to talk about how to better address these situations in your own life or business? Contact Nikki and let's chat.

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