How Facebook’s Lack of Privacy Can Help You Find Buyers and Sellers

Published on February 6, 2013


Facebook target


by Mark Bingaman, affiliate coach specializing in social media

As a former radio manager and magazine editor in two previous lives, it pains me a bit to share a secret with you, but here goes: while traditional media like broadcast and print can be useful advertising mechanisms, they are inherently flawed. Why? Because of their inability to intuitively ascertain the probability of whether or not an individual may be interested in your service or property.

If you're a real estate agent or broker looking to use old-school advertising to procure new listings or help sell homes, there just may be a better way. Let's take a look at one Social Media advertising platform that may be more useful and cost-efficient.

Facebook Ads:

Ever noticed those six Facebook ads positioned directly to the right of your NewsFeed/Timeline? 

So what products or websites are they linking to? Regardless, I can guarantee you that nearly no other Facebook user in the entire world is being served those exact same six advertisements. That's because those six ads are based entirely on a Facebook algorithm that looks at the business and brand pages that YOU are a fan of. It's also based on the pictures, posts, and status updates that you've clicked Like on, and on pages that you've shared links to on your own status updates.

In other words, Facebook knows everything that you've ever shown an affinity for on your Facebook page. And they use that information to serve you ads that you are most likely interested in.

This is pretty important information for a real estate professional because it allows you to micro-target to a consumer niche like no other advertising medium ever has before. This goes far beyond targeting male/female, city and zip code. You'll delve into income, interests, and specific keywords that you can utilize to increase the likelihood that your ad will reach someone who is interested in buying or listing a home for sale.

This, of course, saves money and helps you avoid wasting dollars marketing to individuals with no interest in your service, an attribute that traditional mass media can't offer. You owe it to yourself to establish a Facebook Ads account and begin poking around as a means of learning what you can about this paid advertising tool. It's truly the sort of thing that can give you a significant leg up in this competitive real estate environment.

In a later post, I'll discuss things like Facebook Sponsored Stories and Sponsored Posts that can be useful to both agents and brokers seeking to grow Likes and interaction with their Facebook pages, contests, and similar endeavors.

If you need help in understanding how to utilize Facebook ads for your real estate business, I'll be happy to offer free words of advice. Phone calls and emails are always gratis and under no obligation.


Reach Mark at 740-973-9723 or [email protected]

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