How Much Is Enough?

Published on February 11, 2013


Article by Art Kleimer

Photo courtesy of Moyan Brenn

High - achievers often believe that more is always better. 

They use this belief to create both their successes and their excesses.

Wanting more and obtaining more produces more.  Because societies often measure success quantitatively rather than qualitatively, people who do more and get more are deemed to be successful and honored if not revered by society.

The “success” of more also often creates a sense of “wunderkind” or “ubermensch."  The super successful believe in their infallibility and or their untouchability.  We see this on a daily basis in the world of politics, high finance, super stardom, and on every stage where success is measured by more.

But how much is really enough? 


There is a wonderful old Russian tale that answers the question so beautifully.

There was a fabulously rich Russian prince.  A member of the royal family.  His wealth challenged the wealth of the Czar he was so wealthy. He had countless estates, owned untold square kilometers of farmland, dozens of mines, endless forests, thousands upon thousands of serfs.  He controlled railroads, shipping companies, and industrial plants.  It was said that nothing was bought or sold in the vastness of Russia unless it put many kopecks into the Prince’s pocketbook.

One day the Prince in his never ending quest for more decided he would search the world to find the most beautiful, most perfect place in the world and he would buy it.  He traveled to every continent.  He travelled by every means available.  There was no dessert to hot to cross, no mountain to tall and rugged to climb, no ocean to vast not to be crossed, no jungle to dense not to be traversed.

The Prince was tireless and unbending in his dedication to find the most beautiful perfect spot.  His vast holdings were not enough.  He had to have more.  Wherever he went, whatever he saw, what ever he bought was not enough.  He had to have more.

The Prince spent years crisscrossing the planet.

The glory of his youth faded, the strength of his limbs ebbed and still he pushed himself on this never- ending quest for more.  He grew old, very old.  It was now a struggle to get up each morning and set forth in pursuit of his personal holy grail.  The Prince could no longer endure hours in the saddle, or even in a luxurious coach or even a sumptuous stateroom on a ship or train.

One morning in the middle of a god forsaken desert in the middle of nowhere in a place long overlooked by mankind the Prince did not awaken from his slumber.  His loyal and trusty servants prepared a grave for the Prince and laid him to rest in the middle of the godforsaken desert in the middle of nowhere in a place long overlooked by mankind.

It was enough.


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