Howard Brinton – His SoulFire Lives On

Published on December 26, 2012

Howard brinton collageIf you have been in real estate for any time at all, you have heard of and undoubtedly been influenced by Howard Brinton. The founder of Star Power Systems, Howard touched many lives along his path and served as a mentor to thousands. He is a person who by just watching him, you knew he had SoulFire!


His physical presence will be missed.

Although we were not personally in Howard’s “inner circle,” his influence on our real estate careers was far from insignificant. Most all of our systems, tools, and learning can be traced back to his teachings and conferences. We were introduced to Howard Brinton’s Star Power when we were 20 somethings looking to make our mark on the real estate industry. Our then team leader, Gene Lowell, a long time student of Howard, encouraged us to attend a conference where thousands of top real estate agents converged into one event - sharing, masterminding, mentoring, laughing, creating, teaching, and conspiring to create real estate businesses both prosperous and fulfilling.

After only one event, we were hooked!

What made Star Power so different from other conferences and trainings was that the people who were leading the classes were top agents who, like Howard, came from contribution and a place of abundance (most of them anyway). Of course Howard was always the keynote speaker and the life of the party.

He made real estate fun - he made it light and entertaining and at the same time fostered professionalism and productivity. He demonstrated that you can have fun AND make a lot of money. It was BOTH - AND.

When I look back at all of our tools, resources, and mentors, I can trace virtually all of them back to Star Power.

Our pre-listing and buyer packages, performance surveys, scripts and dialogs, and systems came from Star Power Stars - all led, mentored, and nurtured by Howard Brinton. Most all of the tools you see out there today originated within his organization...either from a Star Power Star or collection of multiple Star Power minds working together.

I NEVER heard anyone say - "Don't share this."

It was always, "Whatever I have is yours to use or have."

Aside from real estate tools and resources, we are especially grateful for relationships that were forged while attending Star Power events.

Our very first coaches, Art and Anna Kleimer, were both Star Power Stars who helped catapult our businesses and our lives for the better part of a decade. Now they are not only valued and treasured mentors, they are also friends and colleagues working together with us at

As I said in the beginning...we weren’t in Howard’s inner circle like Art and Anna. We weren’t Star Power Stars nor did we enjoy dinner or golf outings with him. There is no question, however, that Howard touched our lives in a way he likely never knew. 

Thank you, Howard.

Thank you for inspiring others, for demonstrating the art of having fun, and for creating a business model where people came together to share success and abundance.  You and your work made a difference.

Your physical presence will be missed and your SoulFire spirit never forgotten. 

With Heartfelt Appreciation,

Nikki and Chris Buckelew


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