INSTINCT vs. Instinct

Published on December 13, 2012


When do I use my gut and when do I use my brain? Get a bunch of coaches in a room and you will get quite the lively debate about what it means to rely on our inner wisdom (which we all agree that we have) or to use our experience and learning to make decisions. Coaches Art and Anna Kleimer sum it up well in today' blog post.



INSTINCT vs. Instinct

by Art and Anna Kleimer

There is INSTINCT and there is instinct.  It is important to learn the difference and to know when you should use INSTINCT and when it is permissible to use instinct.


Our favorite definition of INSTINCT and one we use all the time when coaching is answered as a question.  We ask our Life Long Learners these simple questions.  What is prayer? Everyone answers prayer is how I talk to God.

Then we ask, “ Define INSTINCT, gut feeling, or inner voice”.  There is usually a pause and suddenly the face shines and you can see and feel the wisdom excitement.  The answer always is, “INSTINCT must be God talking to me.”

This is a huge break through moment in coaching.  It is a moment we live for and coach for. The Life Long Learner and we celebrate immediately.

Recognition of this moment is always exciting, life changing, revealing, and life changing.


You do not have to be religious to have this INSTINCT moment.  We have had atheists and agnostics “feel” an answer.


What is instinct?

Instinct is the feeling you get in everyday situations.  It may be making a decision about what to eat, or what to wear, or buy. Perhaps you are lost while driving and trying to figure out which direction to take. Do I turn left or right?  Playing cards, games of chance, betting on sports or going to a casino are activities filled with instinct decisions.

Do I bet on red or black? Do I bet on the horse with the pretty mane or the long legs?  Do I draw a card or stand pat?  Often we rely on instinct rather than intellect to make our decision.  We have a feeling or instinct but clearly it is not a life event issue that calls for intervention on a soul level.

Life is filled with thousands of moments of instinct and a few moments of INSTINCT. 


As coaches we often see people applying huge amounts of energy and time to instinct moments and limited energy and time to INSTINCT moments.  Powerful coaches help Life Long Learners recognize when to use their INSTINCT and when to use their instinct.


Art and Anna Kleimer are internationally known speakers and coaches having served audiences such as Realtors, business entrepreneurs, couples, and individuals, are graduates of Dr. Fred Grosses’ Blackbelt of the Mind Coaching programs, and authors of  Power Living: Living Your Life, Liberty and Happiness. They are Certified Professional Coaches, Graduates of the REALTOR® Institute (GRI), Certified Residential Specialists (CRS), and Howard Brinton Star Power Stars. Book Art and Anna as your next speakers or coaches or go to to learn more.

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