Is it Time to Adjust your Chiropractor?

Published on August 9, 2011

Don't settleThis post started as a journal of my experience with my chiropractor search. What I realized after pounding it out is that it is not just about my chiropractor. It is about all so-called "professionals" that we seek out to help us with our lives. In every field there are the "greats" and the "not-so-greats." And then of course there are the ones that down right suck at what they do! You know it, I know it, we all know it... so why do we settle?

About 2 weeks ago I hurt my back. I think it started with the mulch project in my flower bed and then just progressively got more tense and created other issues. I went to a local chiropractor and it was the first time here on Marco to do this... I have had great chiropractors in both Austin and OKC, but finding a good one in a new place is sometimes (always) a challenge.

The first guy I went to was not good. Period. He may have done a decent adjustment, but he did not do a "needs analysis" i.e. thorough examination nor did he give a crap about who I am as a whole person. Basically just point to where it hurts and I will crack it there and send you on your way... don't forget to pay before you leave and schedule to come back until my kid's college is paid for. I went home in tears two days in a row (day 3 and 4 I became indifferent)... some was due to pain and some was due to my spirit being broken. I missed my Doc Schmidt and Dr. Dan!

One chiropractor who was recommended by a couple of people was on vacation the week I needed him, so I called his office back this week when I knew I was still not where I needed to be. They got me in that day. This was yesterday.

I thought I was in heaven. He looked like a hippie right out of downtown Austin... jeans, flip flops, long white beard, braided white hair and all. Somehow I felt at peace just knowing he was not yet another "sports medicine" guy (aka "wish I had more high paying clients" type).

My visit with him was so comfortable. He asked about my kids, my life, my job, my hobbies, my family, my health, my sleep, etc. It wasn't like an interrogation or a questionnaire either, it was truly a conversation. Like two old friends. I knew I was in the right place somehow...there was a peace about him.

So we are talking about my back and such... minor as it seems. He explained it was not actually my back but my piriformis muscle (runs down from back through buttocks and then leg). It was knotted up and was creating the pain that I felt in my low low back. He did some kneading with his bony elbow and a few adjustments and I felt like a new person. When I told him that I went to another guy 4 days in a row he said “well, you are probably over-adjusted and what he was doing obviously wasn't treating the cause because you should not need to come back after this treatment.” Today... I am quite sure he was right.  (He also said the other guys is known for "that.") Funny thing... I didn't disclose who "the other guy" was!!!

It's a small island!

This is the best part of the visit. In the questions he asked, he said he thought I may have a thyroid issue (hypo) and that I needed to take my temperature every morning just as I wake up ... not 30 seconds after or a min after... the second I realize I am awake. Do this for 5 days he says and bring the temps back to him so he can review and he will know. He says it is easy to treat and that it would help my issues with low energy (yes, amazing as that may sound to some, I do have low energy), constipation, mood swings (lots of crying), and I can't remember what else.

Because I don't take what doctors say as “truth” until I have done some of my own research, I came home and looked up hypothyroidism. Oh.... I forgot. This all started when he found out that my mom died of a heart attack at age 31. He said, she probably had a low thyroid and it just wasn't diagnosed and that contributed to her heart issue. If she had it, I likely have it and so do my biological children... very high likelihood. This got my attention because in the last 20 years I have probably told 20 doctors about my mom and NONE of them ever mentioned thyroid as an issue. Makes me a little crazy because the reasons I have gone to see various doctors or chiropractors include virtually EVERY FREAKING SYMPTOM on the list of symptoms of low thyroid.

This morning, I took my waking temp under my arm and it was 96 degrees F. I was a bit confused so I took it again about 5 min later and it was 96.3. Huh. That's weird. So I will take it again for the next 4 days and then go back by his office to drop them off (no visit required unless I am hurting in which case he said he will adjust me). Amazing... not money motivated? Sounds like my kind of person. Just help people and the money will come.

No wonder he was recommended!!!!

It gets better! When I left his office, I pulled out my debit card. The receptionist said they only do checks or cash, but since she didn't have me in the computer yet, she wrote my charges down on a sticky pad and said just drop it in the mail when you get a chance! SERIOUSLY??? Who does that? They do.

I was sold! Not only did this doc LOVE ON ME (professionally speaking) ... truly cared about my whole self not just the back pain that brought me there. He treated my pain, educated me, and empowered me before sending me on my way with a big wave and a smile that said, "You are going to be ok!"

As I left with my complimentary tennis ball (for the buttocks massage I am to do 1x daily for a few days) and instructions for caring for my other issues, I was in heaven. I said a little thank you prayer to God for sending him to me and for not letting me stop short of what I truly deserve - to be served by someone with love in their hands and their heart - someone who lives their purpose in their profession.

I am finished settling! I DO deserve the best.  

We all deserve the best. The best doctor, the best lawyer, the best coach, the best Realtor, the best financial adviser... the best, well you get the idea. Too often we are just settling for what is easy, what is convenient, or what we have been told to be the best for us.

So how do you know if you have the best?

Naturally, if you leave your appointment in tears and feeling like crap... it's a given. If you just have this pit in your stomach that says, "something doesn't feel right," listen to your gut. Have you been seeing the same person over and over and expecting different results? ... that's a clue!

Keep looking! Ask around. Do your research. Interview more than one...two..or three. Think outside the box. Do whatever it takes...find the best. You deserve it! You will know when the right one shows up... you will know!

Take an inventory today! Here are few questions to ask yourself:

  • Does this person's values align with my values?
  • What motivates this person... am I ok with that?
  • Is this person thinking about me or are they thinking about themselves when they "serve?"
  • Am I getting the results I desire by employing this person?
  • Would I highly recommend this person to others?
  • Did I hire this person (or am I keeping them) because it was convenient or because they are the best?
  • Do I get treated like a person or like a number by this person or organization?

Do you have the best?

If not.. isn't it time you stopped settling?


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