Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Published on January 31, 2012

Have you found yourself walking down the path of building a new business, reinventing an old one, or entering a new career field altogether?

Does it feel like you re walking down a hallway or tunnel and there are doors everywhere...  you just aren’t sure which ones to walk through and which ones to leave closed?

Or are there any doors at all?

Do you wonder if the hall will lead where you think it will, or if it is just a perpetual tunnel full of obstacles and distractions with one day being full of anticipation and excitement and next being disappointments and dead ends?

Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

Maybe you can take comfort in the fact that you aren't the first to ask that question and you certainly won't be the last! 


If you are building a new business or taking on a new venture, it can sometimes seem like a series of events that are leading to nothing.

The truth is, they are all leading you closer to your goal.


While talking with a friend over lunch this week, I shared my recent impatience and frustration in building our coaching business. We have experienced many successes over the past year and have much for which to be grateful. But some days, I feel this sense of exhaustion and even defeat. “When will this get easier?” I ask myself.

My friend shared her story of going out on her own to build her now highly successful financial services business. She described the first 3 years as like being in a long hallway, wondering if she would ever reach her goal. Then as if almost magically, she realized she had arrived. She was in a big room at the end of a 3 year hallway and her business was flowing. The connections she had made, the relationships formed, and the multitude of tasks had paid off and she was receiving the abundance that she had worked so hard to create. Along the way her husband and friends continually reminded her that she was making progress.


As she shared, I recalled our own previous business ventures. We built a highly successful real estate business and it certainly didn’t happen overnight. It took several years. Then we added our seniors real estate speciality and that took a few years more before it felt like things flowed vs. us having to work our tails off. Nothing happened overnight. 

The efforts compounded over time and so did the results. The eventual outcome was a “flow.”  Just as my friend had described it... this feeling as though we had

reached the big room at the end of a long hallway.


Think of the metaphor of a damn breaking and the water just flowing ....


Being a coach is a wonderful thing. When I coach other people, I am also coaching myself. I hear the words I speak to my clients and I have no choice but to also know they apply to me.

Building a successful business, practice, or company takes time. No one is an overnight success. If you research the successful business people, athletes, artists, and performers in history, you will find none of them were overnight success stories. Even Dustin Hoffman checked coats for tips before he was cast for a major part.

As a matter of fact, Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers, refers to the “10,000-hour rule” claiming that the key to success in any field is, to a large extent, a matter of practicing a specific task for a total of around 10,000 hours.


Stay the course. Trust your instincts and keep going! You can do this and even on the days it seems overwhelming, know that you are making progress. Eventually all the dots will connect, the stars in the Universe will align, and you will reach the end of your hallway.


One step at a time! There is light at the end!

Nikki and Chris Buckelew are recognized international real estate coaches, trainers, and speakers. Their specialty is sales and leadership coaching.  Clients who hire Nikki and Chris are often seeking assistance in increasing their profitability without sacrificing their health, relationships, and core values. For more information visit


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