Kahlil Gibran, Chris Brogan, Nikki Buckelew and You: Rebels with a Cause

Published on July 16, 2014

The Beauty of a Soulful, Real Estate Rebellion

Do you have a little rebel in ya? What about a Rebel Yell aching to scream forth?

It's funny how similar thoughts and philosophies can jump out at you in surprising succession. Last night, I read a portion of Kahlil Gibran's book “Spirits Rebellious” in which a character beseeches a village of peasants to rebel against the tyrants who have forced them into serfdom.


Then – only about 12 hours later – I received a weekly email newsletter from business relationship and Internet marketing guru Chris Brogan with the title “How Do You Crush a Rebellion?

So, being the intuitive soul that I am (insert soft chuckle) I decided that the subject of rebellion in our lives would make for a fine blog post!

Brogan's piece focuses on how we modern humans also suffer from serfdom to a master, but not so much in the “anti-corporation” or “down with 'The Man” sort of way. His take is that each of us has crushed rebellion in our own souls by settling for less than our dreams and goals. And I certainly agree.

Here's my take: Rebellion is a great and glorious thing! It's a vitally defiant part of us that refuses to settle for the status quo and accept that we should “do this or do that” in our personal lives or real estate business just because it's safe or “good enough” or - even worse – because someone told us to.


The villagers in Gibran's book were born to their servitude, never questioning how or why. Brogan suggests that today we know better, but simply abandon our goals because of circumstances or a sense of comfort. He writes:

“The real game is that we gave up on ourselves, too. A lot of us. Along the way, we’ve started to surrender by settling. Maybe not everyone. Maybe not in all ways. But let me ask you these questions:

* Are you pursuing the mission and goals that matter most to you?
* Are you satisfied with your level of success?
* Are you happy with where you are as it applies to your own plans?
* Are you playing YOUR own game or are you playing someone else’s game?

Those are important questions, but the point of me sharing this is not to encourage you to “blow up” your world, quit a job, deep-six a relationship, or anything of the sort.

The point is to look at the questions posed above and answer them. If you're unhappy with the conclusion you arrive at, then perhaps you've “put down” the rebellion in your soul. Unfortunately, in the larger picture of your life – especially when you look back at it years from now – there's no way that can be a good thing.


Is it time for you to rebel?

One of the ways that I've rebelled is by standing up, putting myself “out there,” and doing my best to help guide people to a place of true success and contentment in both their personal and professional lives.

In the past, your football coach or cheerleading coach probably was not too keen on the idea of “rebellion” thriving within you.

However, Chris and I are real estate coaches and we can think of few better qualities! Rebellion is not about anarchy; instead, it lovingly encourages success and happiness.


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