Leadership is Influence

Published on September 25, 2012

I was watching the news this morning as the anchors were discussing the various politicians and past presidents who had the keen ability to “influence” world leaders and thereby shape foreign policy.

As I listened, it occurred to me that the key to any type of leadership is the ability to influence others. Political or otherwise.

It also occurred to me that some people have a natural ability to influence while others have to work harder at it.

Either way, influence is necessary in positions of leadership and respect is the key.

No matter your political affiliation or allegiance, I think we would all agree that strengthening relationships and having the ability to influence others are critical in achieving success.

As John Maxwell says, “Leadership is Influence.” 

Take a moment and reflect...think about the people in your life (past and present) that have positively influenced you. What qualities do they have that you admire?

I have another question: What are you doing to increase your influence with others? 

John Maxwell highlights the fact that how we influence people will determine how many, how long, and how effectively we influence them.

He gives us 7 methods of influence — from worst to best:

1. Force— There is no choice in the decision.

2. Intimidation— “My way or the highway.”

3. Manipulation— There’s a winner and a loser.

4. Positional— We follow because we have to.

5. Exchange— We both win something.

6. Persuasion— We follow because we want to.

7. Respect— We follow because of the request and respect for the influencer.

 What method of influence are you mastering? 




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