Learning About Life and Real Estate from Taylor Swift and “The Voice.”

Published on June 10, 2013

by Nikki Buckelew

I don't typically watch “The Voice” on NBC, the singing talent show that's all the rage. And I haven't spent a ton of time – until now - dissecting how the success of Taylor Swift can translate into success in real estate and life.

But a friend and colleague of mine - Mark Bingaman - recently brought up a couple of points concerning those two entertainment giants that made some sense.

On a recent episode of “The Voice,” one of the show's judges (and country superstar) Blake Shelton marveled at the talent of a 16 year-old contestant on the show and the fan base that she was quickly developing. In his words, her fans were beginning to love her because “they believed in her.”

Interestingly, the previous night, the CBS news magazine “60 Minutes” aired a profile of another young, female songstress, Taylor Swift: it was a report that surmised that much of her fantastic zoom to prominence was the result of an uncompromising connection to her fans, their absolute trust and yes, “belief” in her.

In both cases, each singer displays a vulnerability and a bond with their audience, one that simply means that their fans trust them, believe in their authenticity, and believe in their dedication to their craft.

Let's make this clear; it's not only that both girls are fantastic singers. No offense to the many talented singers on our planet, but really good singers are a dime a dozen. In order to take one's success to another level, there has to be a significant amount of emotional connection with an audience and that has to come – and can only be built – through a mixture of belief, authenticity, and vulnerability.

So, do you think that can translate to success in real estate, life, or any business?

Yes, I think it can.


Your job as a REALTOR is to develop a database (fan base) of raving fans. Those people believe in you, trust in you, and connect with you on an emotional level. In the case of previous clients, that's likely because you've shown them your expertise, produced results, and stayed true to your word.

But what about those with whom you have NOT done business: the prospects and inquiries that may one day turn into customers? How do you convince those people to believe in you enough to want to do business with you? Let's go back to our 3 main points:




I am not suggesting that you attempt to manipulate these people and present yourself as something that you are not. But I am suggesting that you consider building, strengthening, and nurturing these as attributes that you display in both your business and personal life. These are personality characteristics that people are attracted to in every sector of life, from business to romance to family to community.

Development of those three attributes are likely to produce some significant bonuses in your life and – even better – enrich the lives of others.

If something seems a bit out of whack in your world, perhaps these 3 points are worthwhile areas in which to consider development. If you'd like to speak about the ways in which I know you can grow as a person – and develop raving fans in both your business and personal life – let's chat. Call Me, Maybe?

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