Living to 120

Published on May 13, 2011

I participated on a coaching call yesterday that was about “energy management” facilitated by a fabulous holistic health coach, Leah Lund.

She pointed out something that really caught my attention and that is that our human physical bodies are designed to live to 120 years old. The reason it caught my attention is that 120 is my number!!! When asked a few years ago how long I thought I would live, I said “to 120.” Not sure why that number came out... it just did.

In January of this year I turned 40. This means that I have only completed the first 1/3 of my life! I get REALLY EXCITED when I start to think about all that I have learned in just the past few years that have made my life so much more rich, full, abundant, and joyful I can only imagine what is ahead in my next 80 years!!!

When I announced in this group (not yesterday, but a few years ago) that I wanted to live to be 120 years old, a lot of people were really adamant that this was “crazy.” Why would I choose to live that long and experience “old age?” And they went on to say, “Why would you want to be sick, wrinkled, in pain, and living in a nursing home or some Alzheimer's’s unit where people had to feed you and dress you?” Wow! Was I confused!

My version of living to 120 was very different than theirs! Naturally, no one would knowingly choose to live like that! Unfortunately, though, people unknowingly choose that life all the time. They make up the story in their mind that this is what old age looks like and then guess what... for them that is exactly what it becomes! All they need to do is change their story and live the “new” story they create in their minds.

My story looks like this....

I am continuing to work in a career that I love and where I am growing and learning every day. I am helping others to live amazing lives, and we laugh a lot, celebrate successes, and grieve losses together. My work earns me more than enough money to fund the lifestyle I choose to live.  Because I live a life of abundance, I am able to contribute to others financially, emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually so they too will be enriched through our relationship.

Much of my life is lived on the water on our boat. My husband and I have a catamaran that is spacious and inviting and we host many social and professional gatherings on it. We travel the blue waters and explore hundreds of islands around the world. Because of the amazing technological advances over the years, we can work from anywhere and my favorite place is the bow of our boat where the views are expansive! TopSide has grown globally and so our relationships are widespread and everywhere we go we find friends and spend time with others who share our vision for an unlimited life!

My body is healthy and fit both inside and out because I eat nutritious food, drink lots of water, exercise daily (probably stand up paddle and swim). I am free of disease and my energy is boundless. Naturally because this is so rare in someone my age, I do a lot of interviews around the world sharing my success so others can be inspired to live much healthier in their later lives. My mental acuity is high and I continue to participate in regular education and coaching in areas that I choose to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, relationally, and otherwise. I stay involved in the world of technology because it truly causes my mind to expand in ways that keep me sharp and in touch with current times (and with my great great grand children who I Skype with daily).

My belief is that as long as we are physically present we have a purpose to fulfill on this Earth. This keeps me focused on the daily miracles that occur. I love each person I see and I pay attention to what my role is in this life. I know that my physical presence is only for a limited time and 120 years is very short in the infinite time line of the Universe so I cherish each moment and find meaning for all things, whether pleasant or painful. I accept that when my job here in this time is done, I will go elsewhere to begin again.

When my physical body gives out, I will be on my boat somewhere in the blue water and my captain will deliver it to my family who will donate my body to science where it can be useful to the human race beyond my physical existence. My spirit will remain and will begin again on a new journey however my Maker sees fit.  - The End (but not really).

I don’t know about you, but my story sounds a lot more pleasant than the ones created by my fellow classmates! I share this story because it occurs to me that we often underestimate the power of our minds. The stories we create in our minds ultimately create our realities.  What is your story?


Nikki Buckelew is the Co-Founder and President of Coaching and Training, a coaching and training company specializing in real estate, leadership, and life coaching for Realtors, brokers, and leaders with SoulFire. Buckelew is also the Founder and CEO of the Seniors Real Estate Institute, a coaching and training company specializing in senior real estate and housing and administrator for the Certified Senior Housing Professional® (CSHP) designation.

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