Make Winter the Best 3 Months of the Year in Real Estate

Published on October 17, 2011

It is the time of year that we begin to hear anxiety in Realtors who live in colder climates about the upcoming winter months. They often associate the winter months with being slow and not much business being transacted.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

We are going to share 3 Key Strategies that when implemented will make the winter months three or four of the best months of the year in your real estate practice.

1. Get What You Expect

What you focus on grows so if you focus on having slow months, that is what you will get. Your thinking is what ultimately affects what actions you will take. If you think (believe) that November, December, January, or even February will be slow, you will naturally put forth less effort and get less than satisfactory sales results.

Changing your mindset is as simple. Just decide. Proclaim that this year you will have a high producing winter. Make up your mind that this year you will have the number of sales and/or listings you desire. Once you proclaim it, it becomes a possibility, but until then, it is a certainty you will not. Ultimately, you will get the results which you expect to get.

2. Take Productive Action Daily

While deciding is the key to creating the possibility, taking action on the decision is required to create the path for results.

The only reason business is slow for some agents during the winter months is because they stop working. Momentum builds when you consistently do the things that matter most in your business. Stop working and naturally it will be slow. Stay productive and create results.

The truth is that many people make the decision to buy and sell during the winter months. This is especially true of senior adults who find themselves ready to downsize or make a move into a retirement community. Key factors that play into this are the loneliness of being cooped up in the winter, increased risk for falls, higher utility bills, inability to drive due to inclement weather, and the influence of family who have visited during the holidays.

And think about all of the people who experience job changes after the 4th quarter! Not to mention the people who want to move between school semesters so their kids are not displaced mid stride.

The holidays also seems to be when people realize they have officially outgrown the space they have. Family visiting from out of town, additional toys for the kids, and find a place to put up a tree are all contributors to the "honey let's buy a house for Christmas" conversation.

Then you add to the mix the state of the economy. During the holiday season the financial crunch sets in hard. People are already realizing that they can no longer afford the cost of maintaining their current home and then you add the cost of Christmas gifts and travel for the holidays to their already stressed bank accounts, it is a recipe for decision making time.

Continue to actively prospect for new clients during the winter to ensure you have forward momentum for the Spring too!

3. Choose to Connect During the Holiday Season

There is a big difference between the act of “connecting” with people and the task of “prospecting.”

Connecting is about relationship building. When you have a valued relationship, that relationship will supply you with leads for life.

Prospecting is about getting leads now. There is no real relationship building intent in prospecting. This is a short term relationship designed to get immediate business.

The winter months and especially the holiday season is the perfect time to connect with the people in your life with whom you choose to create lasting relationships. Find out what they value, what experiences they had this year, what challenges they are having. As John Maxwell encourages in his book, Everyone Communicates Few Connect, find out what they dream about, what they cry about, and what makes them sing.

Take what you learn and add value to their lives the rest of the year. Not only will you find and give great joy through your work and increase your business during this year’s winter months, but you will also be cultivating lifelong relationships which will yield many successful and productive winters to come!

Nikki and Chris are recognized international real estate coaches, trainers, and speakers. Their specialty is guiding real estate agents and brokers on creating highly profitable businesses and amazingly successful lives. Clients who hire Nikki and Chris are often seeking assistance in increasing their profitability without sacrificing their health, relationships, and core values.

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