Mark Bingaman

Did you know that Social Media is nothing more than the people – that's you – now becoming media publishers and broadcasters?

Not since the invention of the printing press has there been a simpler or more powerful tool for the everyday citizen or business – that's you – to express themselves.

That's why I'm a Social Media Coach. I help businesses and individuals deepen and enhance online relationships with clients and prospects.

What's that mean on a daily basis? I specialize in writing and developing high quality Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Blog content that is designed to engage your followers and fans, and build your personal relationship with them. And, I coach you on how to do exactly the same for yourself.

I've long been fascinated by Social Media's ability to provide for convenient and daily contact between friends and clients and, furthermore, its' radical ability to help individuals and brands nurture relationships with total strangers.

Developing a first-class Social Media presence makes you a bit of a star and it's our job – you and I – to leverage that star power into an increase in business for you. We stir up relationship magic.

What's really cool for me personally is that this Social Media thing is a natural progression of my media career. I've spent 23 years developing content as a radio station Program Director, Marketing Director, and air personality, while also spearheading Internet broadcasting and website content for the radio industry.

Add in the years that I enjoyed as an Associate Editor and feature writer for two national trade publications, and you'll see that I've been at this media thing for quite awhile.

So let me repeat: Social Media is nothing more than the people – that's you – now becoming media publishers and broadcasters. If you feel like you need a Social Media coach – and an overall media veteran - to help you navigate this opportunity, I'm here to help.