Nikki & Chris Buckelew

Who we are:

Nikki - Mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, coach, trainer, facilitator, speaker, entrepreneur, new grandma!!! Small town country girl with a southern draw, adventurous traveler, spiritual student, and occasional urban chick.

Direct, daring, determined, and somewhat witty.

Chris - Dad, step-dad, husband, son, brother, uncle, nephew, friend, coach, trainer, reluctant speaker, entrepreneur, and new grandpa!! Well rounded city kid with closet soul brother dance moves camouflaged  by a Tommy Bahama facade.

Intentional, cautious, always prepared, easy-going, and get's stuff done.


How we show up:

Nikki - Lives out loud. I like being on stage, in front, in charge, and in the big middle of things. My pace is naturally fast and I thrive on activity, creativity, people, high energy, and growth environments. I prefer spontaneity over schedules and everyone is a friend until they prove otherwise. My standards are high both for myself and others. I see potential in all people. I play by the rules (unless I think they defy common sense). Because I get bored easily, I create new opportunities often and I love seeing ideas become realities. I work hard and play hard and those two areas overlap frequently with clients often becoming friends.

My life is pretty much an open book since I am adamant about practicing what I preach and teach.

Chris - Flies under the radar. As the 'behind the scenes' guy, I enjoy seeing things unfold. I love a challenge, especially those with a lot of working parts. I am rapid paced and people have to run to keep up when I am in the zone. My job is to make the star player look good. No one succeeds alone. When it comes to work and play, I like being prepared and having a plan, but I can be flexible too (plan b). Most probably consider me practical. I like to know the guidelines so I can figure out the best way to navigate them.

My circle of close friends is fairly small, but once I become friends with someone, they are usually long term relationships.

What we are about:

Nikki - Empowering. Inspiring. Growing. Equipping. Creating. Connecting.

Chris - Supporting. Solving. Exploring. Implementing. Communicating.


Where we shine:

Nikki - On the stage, on the phone, off the cuff, face to face, leading groups, facilitating discussions, generating ideas, creating energy, inspiring action, building confidence, celebrating success.

Chris - Behind the curtain, in the trenches, rallying the troops, leading the team, facilitating systems, putting out fires, managing crisis, protecting space & time, creating strategies, exploring options, organizing ideas.

Who we hang with:

Nikki  - Authenticity and transparency are sexy to me and I surround myself with people who are willing to risk looking totally ridiculous in public. People are sometimes intimidated by my confident appearance, but once they get to know me, they see that we all have the same fears and are on the same journey. I like hanging with high achievers who aren't full of themselves.

As I have aged, I have chosen to only hang with people who share my values: authenticity, honesty, integrity, fun, acceptance, freedom, flexibility, and personal responsibility.

Chris - My favorite people are the ones who just make themselves at home where ever they are. I enjoy great conversations, playing card games, doing handyman projects and live music. Work usually crosses over into friendships with people who also appreciate down time and unplugging. I have always had as many female friends as guy friends and ages range all over the board.

Trust is a big thing for me. I consider myself loyal and trustworthy and prefer to be around others who are also.


What we love: Nikki and Chris Buckelew BVI

Nikki - Anything fast, climbing high, diving deep, laughing loud, new adventures, digging in the dirt, and paddling up stream. Spending time with our beautiful grand daughter, being on the boat, basking in the sun, hanging with friends, throwing the ball around, walking the dog, and a nice glass of wine.

Chris - Chillin' on the lake, cruising in the Gulf, diving warm blue waters, happy hour with good friends, and hot summer days. Making our grand daughter laugh, lending someone a hand, listening to music, a dip in the pool, action movies, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and a good massage.


For the more intellectual folks …

Nikki Buckelew -  Holds a B.A. in Family Studies & Gerontology and an M.S. in Counseling Psychology.

Additional training and experience: Licensed Realtor since 1991, Certification in Family and Divorce Mediation, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Certified Health Coach, and Certified Independent Coach/Speaker/Trainer for the John Maxwell Team. Coached for Keller Williams Realty International MAPS Coaching from 2008 to 2011. Nikki and Chris Buckelew with John MaxwellTrainer for the BOLD program with MAPS Coaching for over 2 years with 1000+ classroom hours across the country. Former trainer for SRES® (Senior Real Estate Specialist) designation. Proficient in scripts and the models of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent and tactics of SHIFT. Author of the Downsizing Made Easy Guide for senior adults seeking to simplify their lifestyles.

Chris Buckelew - Studied at the University of Oklahoma School of Business (Boomer Sooner). Certified Independent Coach/Trainer/Speaker for the John Maxwell Team (2011).

Professional experience: Licensed Realtor since 1995, Director of Operations for MAPS Coaching Department at Keller Williams Realty International (2008-2011). Coached for Keller Williams Realty's MAPS Coaching from 2008 to 2011. Proficient in systems, operations, and the models of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent and tactics of SHIFT.


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