Our Real Estate Story

Having started our own real estate sales careers as barely 20-somethings, we grew our business to over 80 transactions very quickly. Realizing the huge potential to grow but not wanting our business to run our lives, we hired a coach. We then hired an assistant (and several thereafter), buyers agents, and a part time runner/courier while enjoying a nice income from closing 120+ transactions every year.  We were NOT working evenings or weekends and had a wonderful, balanced life!



Creating a niche in our business was one key to our success. With Nikki's passion for seniors and college education and training in gerontology and counseling, we chose to build a niche market in our last five years focusing on the older adult client. This resulted in our starting a senior move management company to facilitate the 50+ sales and subsequent downsizing moves we were handling for our senior adult clients alone each year.


Eager to take on new challenges, we sold our profitable real estate sales business andsenior move management company and relocated to Florida and subsequently Louisiana where we managed real estate offices. Realizing that our passion and strengths were in the coaching and training arenas, we later moved to Austin, Texas to work as coaches and trainers for the second largest real estate franchise in North America, Keller Williams Realty International (2008 to 2011). It was there that we were able to begin coaching and training on the very models and systems that had resulted in our own early successes in the business.


As former students of the bestselling books The Millionaire Real Estate Agent and SHIFT, we now coach agents and brokers on how to implement the proven models and systems outlined in these two texts (if that is the model they choose to follow). Unlike other coaching companies that may train similar models and systems, we coach to these systems while ALSO incorporating behavioral modification strategies and transformational tools to create LASTING change. 

Our philosophy: There is more than one model that leads to a successful real estate business (or any business). When people implement the fundamental principles of profitable businesses, find their passion, live their values, and take daily action, the money will follow.

Not bound by corporate political correctness or governed by organizational coaching handcuffs, we tell it like it is and coach people to be their best!