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Published on July 5, 2012

One of the things I consistently encourage my clients to do is “more of what you love doing.”

Funny how the very things I am coaching my clients about are the very things that I too need to hear for myself.

In preparing the content for my by invitation only course, Release Your Inner Moxie, I stumbled upon something that I love doing and don’t do often enough. I love taking photographs. All kinds of pictures. Sometimes I like taking nature scenes and sometimes I like taking snapshots of people. My particular favorite is pictures of people playing with their kids. I think the reason is that parents are always taking the pictures and rarely get to be in any of them (that was certainly true for me).

When I am taking photos it requires me to focus. It causes me to look for the subtleties that I may otherwise miss when I am just strolling along. I also like capturing a moment, a smile, a glance, or a big ol' yawn.

Taking pictures is probably not something that I will ever pursue as a vocation, but it is one of those hobbies that I would like to study more and get better at. Maybe print more of my photos for framing and enjoying in my home.

Allow me to share a few of my favorites with friends. 

As you peruse my amateur ‘portfolio,’ ask yourself this question:

“What do I love doing that I need to be doing more often?”  Your inner whisper knows the answer. 

Now, go do it!











I must say that the last one is my favorite. Of course they are the little bitty tiny baby toes of my most precious grand baby, Layla. Just looking at that photo makes me smile and wish I was there cuddling with her!

She is such a gift.

My wish for her is that she finds a way to live life doing the things she loves the most as often as possible!

It is the same wish I have for you!







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