Plan to Succeed! 2012 is Your Year!

Published on October 7, 2011

It’s hard to believe, but it is in fact time to begin creating your 2012 business plan.   In working the last several years with Realtors across the country to develop their business plans, we have have developed a PRE-BUSINESS PLAN checklist.

Block a little time in October to gather the information you will need to develop your Success Plan for 2012.

Year-to-date numbers:

  • How many total units have you closed? This is buyers closed and sellers closed.
  • What is the total volume on those closed units? This is sum of the closed sales prices.
  • How many total closed units were buyers? Sellers?
  • How much of the total closed volume was from buyers? Sellers?
  • How many listing have you taken in 2011?
  • Source each closed transaction. Where did it originate? Be specific.

~ Referral (from whom)
~ Past client
~ Open house
~ Ad call
~ Sign call

  • What was you your total GCI (gross commission income)? The commission that was paid to your brokerage from the sale.
  • What was your net GCI? The commission that you personally received from your brokerage for the sale (your split).
  • How many listings did you take year to date. How many expired/closed/withdrew?
  • How many transactions did you contract on that did not close? An actual contract was created but for some reason it never made it to closing.
  • If you have buyer's agent(s) or listing agent(s) know their production.
  • What are your total business expenses for the first 9 months of 2011?
  • What are your total personal/household expenses for first 9 months of 2011?
  • Compare your budget for 2011 with actual expenses?  Are you over or under in any areas? Which ones?
  • If you haven’t already done so, categorize your expenses.
  • How many people do you have in your MET database (people you know and have a relationship with).
  • How many in your farm area or niche market database?

Things to be thinking about for 2012:

  1. Do you need to hire an assistant or add people to your team?
  2. Do you need to topgrade your current staff member(s)?
  3. Is your spouse or other family member going to be joining you in the business?
  4. Do you need to focus on balancing your personal relationships? Which ones?
  5. What vacations will you take?
  6. Do you have any major infrastructure upgrades or equipment purchases you need to make?
  7. What training, education, and coaching will you commit to for personal and professional growth?

This is just a PRE-BUSINESS PLAN checklist. It is about knowing your current reality.

After completing this, you will be ready to move into the business planning phase. Stay tuned for more information on business planning tools and tips from Nikki and Chris!

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