SoulFire Rainmaker Mastermind FAQ


Who are the coaches leading the Rainmaker Mastermind groups? 

Rainmaker Mastermind groups are facilitated by Nikki and Chris Buckelew and Art and Anna Kleimer. For more information about the coaches, refer to their bios on our site. If you would like to talk with them prior to joining the group, be sure to give us a call and we will arrange it! Your assignment of coaches will depend on the session dates and times and who has openings.

When does the 2013 Rainmaker Mastermind start and when are the sessions? 

The current group is forming and the Launch & Discovery call is scheduled for January 24th at 1pm CST.

February is the first month for the 3 group calls and the official Mastermind start date. Calls are held on the first, third, and fourth Thursdays of each month at 1pm CST unless they conflict with a holiday. Block your calendar for 90 minutes for each call, although the Mastermind sessions (4th month) may run longer depending on the topics presented and depth of the discussion.

What is the agenda for the Launch & Discovery Call? 

This call is designed for everyone to meet and learn a bit about each other. We will share our vision for the group and want to hear your expectations, goals, and intentions as well. It will also be the time for group members to share the most pressing issues that they are facing so we can structure our upcoming sessions to address the most urgent needs of the group. There will be a bit of housekeeping so that everyone knows how to access the BONUS materials, use the FB closed group page, and arrange for their personalized coaching calls.

Our first call sets the tone for the coming sessions. It is exciting, productive, and synergistic.

What are the topics covered in the Leadership Development, Team & Business Building Strategy Calls?

Our programs are specifically designed FOR OUR CLIENTS and WITH OUR CLIENTS. We do not do cookie cutter coaching and training programs.

What does that mean for you? It means that although we have a rough idea as to what issues you might be dealing with (most all rainmakers do at some point), we will be structuring our sessions around the topics that the group finds most critical.

Here are a few of the topics that our participants have asked to be covered so far:

Team building: How to attract, interview, and hire talented administrative staff, buyer agents, and other team members; holding team members accountable for results.

Leadership: Ways to motivate and incentivize team members for maximum performance; structuring weekly team meetings, creating a productive and fun environment, and empowering team members.

Business building: Systems, tools, and processes to maximize efficiency and increase customer service levels; Scripts and dialogs positioning the team for success; creating a working operations manual.

Of course the topics will be fully developed as soon as the official groups form.

How do the Mastermind Session calls work?

Group members set the agenda for mastermind sessions each month and your coach facilitates the discussion. When a topic is presented for the mastermind, members contribute based upon the request of the person presenting the topic. The member may be looking for advice, ideas, experience, connections, or tools and systems. When joining the Rainmaker Mastermind, each group member agrees to contribute the success of everyone in the group to the best of their ability.

Is the group all about business? 

Most people are drawn to the Rainmaker Mastermind for business reasons, however, we all know that life can sometimes get complicated. Our coaches are equipped and prepared to help our members with business AND life issues. Many of our sessions will likely include both a professional component and a lifestyle component - that is what living a SoulFire Life is all about.

What happens if I miss a call?

We realize that things happen, but we also expect that group members place a high priority on the sessions in their calendars. If you must miss a session (usually for a pre-scheduled reason) you are encouraged to catch up via the recorded session on the membership site and add your contributions via the FB group page. We really do not anticipate many absences because we believe that you will get so much value that you won’t WANT to miss - ever!

Why are there only 8-10 Rainmakers per group?

The coaching team made the decision to keep the groups small and intimate so that each member gets maximum benefit and coaching support.  By having a smaller number of participants, we can get to know each other and truly support one another in our professional and personal growth.

Where and when will the LIVE Mastermind Event be held?

The dates and locations are not yet confirmed, but will be confirmed prior to our launch call. At this time, we are considering two locations, Austin and Denver. The dates will likely be in late April or the month of May. We will notify you as soon as the venue is confirmed.

What if I cannot attend the LIVE Mastermind Event? 

We ask that you commit to attending the live event as a part of your participation in the Rainmaker Mastermind. If you are unable to attend at the last minute due to unforeseen emergencies, we will refund a portion of your registration or allow you to convert a percentage of it for use toward one-on-one coaching calls.

How long are the sessions?

The first two sessions each month will be approximately 1 hour. It is best to block 90 minutes in order to review your notes and establish action items before moving on to your next appointment.

The mastermind sessions will be 90 minutes and we (as coaches) will be blocking 2 hours in the event that a topic runs over.

Do I have access to the coaches between sessions? If so, what is the best way to connect with them?

Absolutely! Our mastermind members are special. Of course you may always elect to utilize a 1:1 call if you have an issue that requires more time, but for those topics that just need a quick check in, we are available by phone, email, and text during normal business hours. This is where a coaching team comes in handy - if one of us is unavailable, you have access to the other coaching team members as well.

What does my registration include? 

A total of 36 COACHING & TRAINING Sessions.

1 Launch/Discovery Call -- Thursday, January 24th

9 Business Strategy sessions (webinars) - 1st Thursday of each month starting in February 2013

9 Client Service Sessions - 3rd Thursday of each month

9 Mastermind Sessions - 4th Thursday of each month

3 Special Guest Q & A  calls -- Call Times & dates to be announced

5 private coaching calls - Call Times Scheduled at a mutually convenient time throughout the year.

  • Recordings of each and every call and/or webinar
  • Online, password-protected library of tools and resources
  • Private Facebook group for sharing and connecting with other Mastermind members
  • Copies of all presentations for implementing your business practices & client services TODAY
  • Complimentary registration to the LIVE 2013 Rainmaker Mastermind & Retreat



 Still have questions? Email [email protected] or call us at 239-449-6721