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  • Are you a real estate agent with a team ready to take your business from average to spectacular?
  • Have you been carrying all the weight of your team and are ready to create a business that you run vs a business that runs you?
  • Do you get jazzed by collaborating with other high achievers and working together to help others succeed at the same time you do?


And I'll bet the more connected you are

with like minded professionals the more fulfilled,

focused, and motivated you are too


Dear Fellow Realtor,

We are SoulFire coaches with Coaching and Training and we have successfully developed, operated, and sold mega real estate teams. Our teams provided the fuel for us to do the things we love and created opportunities to live amazing, fun, and abundant lives.

And while your goals may not be the same as our goals, I would guess that you have some pretty amazing dreams that you would like to see come true AND that your real estate business is your vehicle to do that.

The Secret Isn't In Any Book or Seminar

We would like to share with you what virtually no other coaching company or brokerage teaches or follows. This business and life strategy has worked for hundreds of our TOP AGENT clients around the world, and it is has worked for us.

It all comes from proven methods of thinking and of being. We will teach you how to not only turn your current real estate team into a highly profitable machine, but also how to have more fun enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Successful People Hang With Other Successful People

All top achievers benefit both personally and professionally from a community of like minded high level thinkers who approach each day with enthusiasm an purpose. Especially when led by other successful agents and coaches who are always prepared and 100% committed to help you reach your full potential.


You Take Zero Risk

We are so confident that you will get more value from being a part of the Rainmaker Mastermind than the amount of your investment, we are willing to give you the following guarantee:

100 satisfaction guaranteed from NikkiandChris.comJoin the group and participate in the 1st session. Then participate in the 2nd and the 3rd sessions as well. If for any reason the program isn't for you, let us know via email or in person and we will quickly and courteously offer a full refund. No problem and no questions asked. 

And we'll part friends. 



What could be fairer than that? Especially when you consider how much other people routinely pay us to work with them one-on-one.

Even an hour of our time on the phone is $300, and our rates will be increasing steeply in the coming year.


What is a Rainmaker Mastermind?

This Rainmaker Mastermind gives YOU the tools to generate more revenue in less time and with more ease, serve and lead at a higher level, and better leverage your time to create the successful, thriving SoulFire career you dream about.

It's about a community of like minded people coming together to achieve and lead at the highest levels!


Building and running successful, profitable,

and SoulFire real estate teams is our expertise

AND our passion!


We are offering this one of a kind program because we lived it. As REALTORS® and Rainmakers ourselves, we have been in your shoes.

We worked 24/7 for years and found ourselves making less money and having less fun in our lives as a result. There was a period of time that we also thought we would just get out just wasn’t worth it.

Then we joined a mastermind group!

Over the years we collectively invested thousands of hours and millions of dollars in coaching, training, development, conferences, mastermind groups, business strategies, marketing, systems, coaching and more coaching, and more coaching -- all the while staying plugged into the day to day world of real estate, building our own successful sales businesses, brokerages, senior move management company, and coaching practices.

Throughout the years we have ALSO worked with hundreds of agents, brokers, and small businesses and have helped them increase their revenue, reduce their time at work, develop retirement or exit strategies, move into leadership roles, and more importantly... reconnect with the things that matter most in their lives!

Whether you are a twenty something rising star or a seasoned pro, you have the ability to create massive market share AND take advantage of the coming upswing in the real estate market around the world.

Now is the time to SHIFT your focus

from surviving to THRIVING. 


By participating in the Rainmaker Mastermind, you will:

  • Take your business or organization to the next level. Whether it be from a 1 to a 2 as you reinvent yourself or from a 9 to a 10 as a proven top agent. Together we’ll outline the “micro-movements” that, over the course of the program, will add up to BIG CHANGE for your career, your team,  AND your clients.
  • Expand your current lead sources and service inquiries exponentially. Are you playing small? What if you expanded your mindset? What could happen for you and for your business if your mindset and possibility thinking expanded? Are you stuck at a certain level and ready to break through to the next evolution of your life and business? Is it time to shift from average to amazing?
  • Expose you to the variety of sources of business and ways to capture it. Are you stuck in the rut of single-minded thinking? This life is FULL of options and they are literally at your fingertips! This program will show you not only how to reach for them but how to create a value proposition that is a fit for you AND your ideal client and how to launch it out into the world!
  • Develop a business plan and strategy AND begin executing it. This isn’t about talking. This is about ACTION. Step-by-step together we’ll share systems to build, market, and sustain your business or organizational goals. Even if you have already achieved a high level of market share, we will work together to evolve to the next level. Your business or organization will grow with you.
  • Work through the massive mind-shift and into a mindset that is the foundation to your success. Many of the coaching and training models in the real estate industry are still focused on the old school way of doing business. Launching or expanding your real estate practice today requires a new way of thinking and in this program, you will experience a new paradigm that other trainers are still resisting. You don’t have to work nights and weekends to reach your goals and in this group, you will be challenged and SUPPORTED as you create a business model that works for you and your balanced life.
  • As REALTORS®, we are really coaches. We are coaches, counselors, and consultants to our clients and others involved in  the sales process. Learning to become a COACHING professional as a part of your practice is about becoming MORE than just a sales person or providing a service. It is about becoming a master communicator. This group will help you to develop your communication and coaching skills so you can feel confident in every conversation in your life AND your business.
  • Provide a network of support and collaboration and fresh ideas. There are plenty of tried and true methods for building a successful business and we will certainly being applying those. There are also a lot of new and creative ways to increase your market share that will come from the group.  The people in this select group of like-minded individuals were chosen because of their ability to support others in their growth. We mastermind and debrief by phone each month and continually communicate online in order to strengthen and support one another on our respective and collective journeys.


The Rainmaker Mastermind is a LIVE 9-month

tele-coaching, training & mastermind program

limited to only 8-10 dedicated real estate agents

genuinely committed to team building at the

highest level and supporting each other along the way.


So how exactly will we accomplish this?

Step-By-Step action and interaction!

  1. Leadership & Team Development Actions
  2. Business Development Action
  3. Collaboration and Group Interactive Action (that was a mouthful!)

These actions are facilitated by a mixture of training, coaching, consulting, and masterminding. Your team of coaches facilitate the sessions and every member of the group is responsible for adding value to the whole.

Together everyone achieves more!


How can we accomplish so much in such a short time?

Number one - Post your blog


Step 1: Apply to be a member today

Share with us your production and your intentions for your business and life. We want to make sure that we place people into the group that will best support them.


Number 2 - Engage


Step 2: Get to know your community

Once the members have been chosen, we gather together online (and over the phone) and LAUNCH the Rainmaker Mastermind Group. It is here on our launch call that we meet each other, connect, set intentions, and cast our visions for the next 9 months.


Number 3 - Share


Step 3: Participate in monthly strategizing & masterminding

The core of the program consists of 3 group sessions (or webinars) every month for 9 months*

  • Session one: Leadership & Team Development Strategy Session (1st week of the month)
  • Session two: Business Development Strategy Session (3rd week of the month)
  • Session three: Full on Masterminding with the group (4th week of the month)

* Sessions may be re-structured in observance of certain holidays.


Number 4 - comment


Step 4: Meet 1:1 with your coach to implement action items

As a Rainmaker Mastermind member, you receive 5  1:1 coaching calls (45 min each) to use throughout the 9 month program. We want to make sure you are reaching your full potential!



number 5


Step 5: Take advantage of added value group benefits 

Exclusive access and privileges available to Rainmaker Mastermind members only:

  • Quarterly BONUS calls with Q&A featuring Special Guest Presenters.
  • Online password-protected library packed full of resources and business tools.
  • Private Facebook group... since you are already THERE! And if you aren’t we are going to recommend that you GET THERE. This is for sharing ideas, resources, successes and asking questions among the group. It’s the old get out of this what you put in... and this is another opportunity to connect, share and BENEFIT from this group.
  • Copies of ALL Strategy Sessions. Our strategy session calls are accompanied by slideshows and other visuals to further cement the concepts and strategies, and these slides are at your disposal for your use and review. Talk about value!
  • Complimentary registration to the Annual SoulFire Rainmaker Mastermind and Retreat held specifically for top agents and rainmakers. This content-packed event includes top real estate agents from all over the country! Come share positive energy with other like-minded individuals and meet your Mastermind peers face-to-face!!


Yes, you read that correctly.

In addition to the Launch & Discovery session... 9 Leadership & Team Development Strategy Sessions... 9 Business Development Strategy Sessions, 9 power packed group mastermind calls, and 3 bonus Q&A Special Guest presenter calls, you get an additional 5 individual coaching calls just for YOU -- about YOU and YOUR personal business or personal goals...

+PLUS one registration to the LIVE Rainmaker Mastermind and Retreat!




When we grow personally, we also grow professionally.  

As coaches and mastermind members, we all commit to doing the work on the INSIDE to keep focused and in alignment with our visions throughout the process.


True Story...

When we transitioned from being maxed out solo real estate agents to being team leaders serving over 100 clients annually and leading a team, we went through a total paradigm shift. Everyone does.

When we work on the inside stuff, the outer stuff just tends to fall into place with much more EASE.

Inner work is there for just that purpose and happens along the way when you bump into obstacles... we work through the RESISTANCE you face as you grow and become the person you were meant to be.  As a group, everyone benefits because chances are, everyone is going through similar stuff.

Leadership Sucks!

Leadership guru, Dr. John C Maxwell, said one day at an exclusive training event we attended that at some point he will write a book titled, “Leadership Sucks.” Because sometimes it does.

Your Coaches Are Here for YOU!

We know that this team building business isn’t easy. 

Together we will work through it. Here are a few of the obstacles you may bump into along the way.

  • FEAR...the ugliest four-letter word I know! What does it take to find the confidence amidst the fear of growth and change?
  • Resistance you experience along the way. Where are you getting stuck? What garbage is your inner critic weighing you down with? What stories are you making up about yourself, your team, or your business?
  • Perfectionism... High achievers sometimes get stuck because what they are creating isn’t yet “perfect.” What about staff members who just can’t do it the way that you do? Perfection, while admirable, is often what holds us back.
  • Money issues/scarcity... This is a big one! Is money working for you or against you? Do you truly believe that you attract abundance and wealth? Can you fathom that there really is ENOUGH and more for everyone? Together we’ll challenge one another to trade up our thoughts about scarcity and practice abundance thinking.
  • Acknowledging your WORTHINESS and charging what you're worth... Do you find yourself always helping others for little or maybe NO money at all? Are you afraid of charging higher commissions for fear you will lose the deal?
  • Thinking BIGGER and LEAPING outside of the box! We all think small from time-to-time, especially when faced with something new. I’m here to show you all the ways that you can achieve what you have the courage to believe.
  • Creating BALANCE when business is flowing in. So you’re succeeding beyond your wildest dreams! Your positive mindset and actionable business plan have attracted droves of ideal clients. Now what? How do you balance YOUR personal needs with that of your new exploding business or successful career? Believe me, it IS possible to serve clients at a high level and maintain a balanced life for YOU.
  • Add to this list whatever else YOU may need!

 Talk about personal attention!


Investing in YOU

So while this Rainmaker Mastermind could easily be offered for up to $25,000 in full, this 9-month program offers payment options* starting at only $797 a month + a $500 application/down payment. With three strategy sessions each month PLUS the added value of the online tools, group forums and resources, and bonus calls, that's far less than the per hour rate non-mastermind members pay in our private coaching sessions. And with our 100% value guarantee, it's a no-brainer all around. You don't get value, you don't pay!

Add up all this value, along with a community of high performers

& professional coaching support, it's a MUST to support the growth

of your SoulFire real estate sales business and team. 




IMPORTANT: This Group is NOT for Everyone

Full disclosureThis program is being offered BY APPLICATION ONLY and is admittedly NOT for everyone. We suggest that you DO NOT apply to this program if you:

  • Are a new agent or have production below $5 million annually.
  • Aren’t willing to invest the time to be on the calls (on time) and be an active contributor. This is a conversation between everybody on the phone! Participation is key in Mastermind Success.
  • Aren’t ready to start TAKING ACTION in your business.
  • Aren’t willing to commit to the entire length of the program in both time and investment. Each person brings specific value and energy to the program and if you are feeling fickle about the commitment then this program isn’t for you.



checkbox with NikkiandChris.comYes, I’m ready to commit to taking my business and/or organization to the next level with all the valuable business building and client service content, the support of like-minded professionals, and the power of a small hand-picked Mastermind Group I'll get by participating in the Rainmaker Mastermind.  


Only 8-10 spaces available!

Send your application today to reserve your spot!


Begins February 2013

(launch call - January 24, 2013)

NOTE: When you check out, you will be only be charged for the amount of the registration down payment/application fee. You will receive immediate  instructions on how to download the application. Once you are accepted into the program, you will be notified and sent a link for setting up billing for the balance based on your chosen payment option. Should you not be approved for any reason, you will be refunded the full amount of your initial registration down payment/application fee immediately (all applications reviewed within 48 hours of receipt). A maximum of 10 participants will accepted.


Early Bird Savings!

Receive 50% OFF your application fee when you

Register before January 10th 

Option 1: Pay in Full

$500 ($250 before Jan 10) Down payment/Application Fee due upon registration & 1 Payment of $ 6773.00

Option 2: Pay over 9 months

$500 ($250 before Jan 10) Down payment/Application Fee due upon registration & 9 monthly payments of $ 797.00




Special Referral BONUS:

Space is limited in the Rainmaker Mastermind Group (maximum 10 people) and we are looking for the most committed rainmakers and those who are really ready to take the leap.  YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE! If you refer someone who is accepted into the program, we will refund $500 of your total investment into the program for each referral. That is a $500 referral fee per accepted member to you up to the total cost of your investment!

**Referrals will be paid as as soon as the final member group has been established and before the first call for those who pay in full. For those who elect the payment plan, referral fees will be applied across the 9 months reducing the amount of your monthly payments.

 Email Us Your Rainmaker Mastermind Candidates Today!


Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page or better yet, give us a call at 239-449-6721.