Rave Reviews for The Boom Headset

Published on September 24, 2012

I have been using some version of theBoom headset for several years. I have had theBoom O, theBoom V4, and most recently, theBoom E.

Because of the noise canceling feature, theBoom allows me to talk on the phone in a noisy room, at the airport, in my car, with dogs barking in the background (and yes, while taking a pause for the cause) without the party on the other end of line being able to hear any background noise.

Up until recently they only offered corded versions. Now they offer a cordless version of theBoom that uses bluetooth technology called theBoom W. Although I was skeptical at first, I have am sold on it being a winner. I got mine about a week ago and have used it in the car, at home, on the toilet, and walking in a busy store. So far, so good...no one was the wiser.

I may look a little like a helicopter pilot when using this headset, but it's totally worth it. Nothing worse than trying to focus on a conversation when there is noise on the other end of the line!

A bit about customer service. From time to time our headsets have needed servicing. We use them every day on virtually every phone call personally and professionally. They get A LOT of use. When we call theBoom, they give us instructions on sending the headset to them for assessment. It is typically returned fully functional within a week.

Keep in mind that you will need the appropriate cord (for the corded versions) based on which phone you are using. I say this because some people are selling their corded versions and so if buying a used one, make sure you have the right adapter cord or you may not get the full functionality.

If you are looking for a hands free solution to talking on the phone without distractions, check out theBoom.com. Be sure and tell them Nikki and Chris Buckelew sent you!



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