Ready-Aim-Fire = Happy dance

Published on July 8, 2012

As I was mentally planning for my upcoming week of coaching, something hit me. I have some pretty darn cool coaching clients right now. The kind of clients that every coach would love to have 10 more of just like them on their roster.

Ready. Aim. Fire.

Last week as I was concluding a coaching call with Lisa, I asked my typical end of call question, “So what action items do youhave that you are taking away from the call?” And Lisa, as she always does, gave me her clearly stated list of 3 or 4 things she was prepared to implement in the next 24 hours to 7 days (before our next call).

Lisa consistently shows up for our coaching calls knowing that I am going to ask her to “tell me something good” followed by “what is the most important thing we cover on our call today to help you move forward?” She is prepared with her celebration story and moves right into what she wants to accomplish on that days call.

I love that Lisa takes notes during our calls in her coaching notebook and that she truly honors her coaching time each week. It is her sacred time to work through challenges, celebrate successes, and explore ways to improve her life and business. She is always prepared and makes the most out of our time.

All of my current clients follow a somewhat similar pattern to Lisa’s, some being more prepared than others and some more diligent in implementation of action items that others. All of them, however, are committed to taking personal responsibility for their coaching experience and ultimately their results. 

When I hang up the phone after coaching calls, I sometimes even do a little happy dance in honor of the client and their compounding progress. Yes. Literally. A happy dance. 


Commitment to leadership.

Another thing that I see trending in my current client roster is the leadership topic. With only a couple of exceptions, my current coaching client roster consists of professionals who are growing teams or expanding their businesses. Growing and expanding typically means adding people. Anytime you add people to your organization, you go from being a solo practitioner to a leader (like it or not). This is a game changer for most business people and for sales people in particular.  Becoming an effective leader presents a whole new set of challenges.

Without exception, my coaching clients are committed to leading people rather than managing them. The difference? Growing people vs. employing them.

Take Ruthie and Charlie for instance. They are a husband and wife team who are expanding their already successful real estate practice in Corning, New York. Both love the business and plan to continue working for several more years before winding down toward “retirement.” In anticipation of spending more time traveling in the next few years, they have begun expanding their team to include an additional sales person and a highly talented operations administrator. Each week on our coaching calls they commit a portion of their time to explore ways of helping their team members excel and strategies for communicating effectively with them so that they empower their people vs. micromanage them.  Their goal: a fun and productive environment where EVERYONE on the team is achieving their personal and professional goals. 


Love my job.

Working with people who are focused on and intentional about living amazing lives and growing successful businesses is truly exhilarating. It energizes me. There have been times back in my corporate days where I had clients (usually assigned to me) who showed up for coaching calls week after week but did nothing in between. Talk about sucking the life out of you. I always felt exhausted and zapped after those calls. I’m sure they probably did to.

Now days, I get to choose who I work with and I am much more selective. I teach this same principle to my coaching clients. When you work with people that “zing” with you and who have a positive vibe about them (we all know what that feels like) it energizes you. When you choose to work with people who are energy suckers (yes, it’s a choice) you will feel deflated and demotivated.

As T. Harv Ecker explains in the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, how you “feel” will lead to the actions you take and ultimately determine your results.

I choose to feel motived, energized, enthusiastic, accomplished, productive, valued, appreciated, collaborative, successful, and happy... so I hang out with people that support my feeling that way. Clients, friends, family, colleagues - all.

Let’s all have more happy dances - more often ... yeah baby.



Nikki and Chris Buckelew are recognized international coaches, trainers, and speakers. Their specialties include sales, real estate, seniors housing, and leadership coaching.  Clients who hire Nikki and Chris are often seeking assistance in increasing their profitability without sacrificing their health, relationships, and core values. For more information visit


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