Real Estate Sales and the Law of Least Effort

Published on May 19, 2013


If you have ever read or listened to Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, you have probably heard of the fourth law, The Law of Least Effort.

This law says that nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease and carefree abandonment. It’s a lesson that nature has tried to teach us, but many of us just ignore it as if we are the exception to all nature.

As Deepak Chopra says in his audio series,

“Grass doesn’t try to grow... it just grows.”

“Birds don’t try to fly...they just fly.”

“Fish don’t try to swim...they just swim.”

“It is the nature of the sun to shine, the stars to glitter and sparkle”


“It is human nature to make our dreams manifest into physical form easily and effortlessly.”

So what does this have to do with real estate or real estate sales, you may ask.

I probably would have asked the same thing a few years back, but now I realize that it has everything to do with - well, everything.

You see I have been trying to control everything in my existence most of my entire life... at least as far back as I can remember and selling real estate was no exception. I prided myself in making things happen when no one else could seem to and I loved loved loved being right.

I wanted to be in control of everything and so when things didn’t flow my way, I forced it. You may be thinking, “so what is wrong with that?”

Going against flow is exhausting.

It was no wonder that I was tired and irritable. But even more than that, it seemed like I should have been able to earn more money than I was earning. I mean really, I was working my butt off and if it could be done...I did it.

It wasn’t until recently I learned about this fourth spiritual law: The Law of Least Effort. 


“Principle of economy of effort - do less and accomplish more.”


 “Do nothing and accomplish everything.”


“A miracle is an expression of the Law of Least Effort.”

“When in harmony with nature and in alignment with your true self, you attract all that you need to achieve all your inner most desires and dreams.”


This can’t be right. Can it? 

A couple of years ago we started growing this real estate coaching company and there I was again, working my butt off and making things happen. And it was happening...just not easily. Frankly, I could see myself going down the same path I had been down before. Although I learned a lot of lessons in my real estate career about leverage and team building, it still seemed harder than it should have been.


So I tried it. What did I have to lose? I wanted something different this time. 

Here are the three components to the Law of Least Effort that I adopted. Not that I have them perfectly down pat - I am still practicing and let me tell you... some days are easier than others.

  1. Acceptance - Make the decision to accept people, circumstances, situations, and events as they occur. Every moment is exactly as it should be. Accept things as they are in each moment instead of struggling against them.
  2. Responsibility - Not blaming anyone or anything for your situation. The ability to have a creative response to any situation as it is now.
  3. Defenselessness - Relinquish the need to convince others of your point of view. Regain enormous energy that you waste by trying to prove to others you are right.

I told you they weren’t necessarily easy principles to follow. 

I love being right and frankly, that one was the hardest for me. Acceptance was also a bit harder than I thought it would be, especially since I was addicted to “making things happen.” Oh, and then there is the whole responsibility thing. Let’s just say that sometimes it sucks to have to admit that I am in fact the one responsible for who and where I am at this point in my life. (So much for blaming it on the parents!).


Funny thing about “Laws” ... they are usually pretty spot on.

By becoming a little more flexible and letting go of the outcome, not only am I a much happier person, I am now earning more money and playing a whole lot more than ever before. And when I am working, it doesn’t feel like work - it is fun.


Alignment with true self.

Chopra talks about being in alignment with our true selves. I used to think this was about knowing my “Big Why.”

Hmm... not so much. There is way more to it than the whole question of purpose.

More on that later. The Law of Least Effort is plenty for one sitting.

I hope that at least something in this post zinged with you and that you will take a moment to consider whether you are fighting the tide or going with the flow. And if you are like me, already feeling pretty successful but thinking it doesn’t have to be this hard, you are probably right.


Give the Law of Least Effort a go.

Here is the video from Deepak Chopra. It is only about 10 minutes long and well worth the listen. I would love to hear your comments about it and if you are planning to take action so please share your thoughts with us on the blog!

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