Releasing Mooring Lines & Setting Sail

Published on September 23, 2012

Choosing to launch our own coaching business after being affiliated for over 15 years with one of the largest real estate franchises in North America, I have been approached by countless people who ask me questions about what it has been like to branch out.

The truth - Leaving a large company that we had been a part of for so long was not an easy decision. We had friends there (still do). We had history there. And we had given a great deal of time, energy, and money to forward the cause, both personally and professionally. And no doubt we received immense value in return along the way.

Having started our careers there in 1995 in an office owned by Mo Anderson in Northwest Oklahoma City and literally “growing up” from the time we were in our early 20’s to the time we sold our mega-agent team in 2005, we definitely bleed Keller Williams red.

No, seriously. Most of my wardrobe was logo shirts, red, black, grey, and hell yea, I even wore the tennis shoes.


The number one question I get is, “What has it been like going out on your own?”

First of all, we haven’t been on our own at all. The true friends that we had while with the company are still our true friends. Not only do we maintain amazing relationships all over the country, our circle got bigger and our relationships got tighter. We have received support from so many cool people and have made it a point to surround ourselves with like minded people on a regular basis.

Did we lose some friends? The answer is “no.” If they were really friends we didn’t lose them at all. We did, however, get out of relationship with some people. Sometimes a big change is helpful in revealing who your true friends really are. The transition actually made me even more aware of focusing on abundance vs. scarcity in this amazingly abundant world.


Another question I get from time to time is, “What is it like starting over?” 

Great question. Except we didn’t “start over.” No one ever really starts over. We start from where we are.

Creating our own coaching company certainly had it’s challenges. But then so does launching any new business. Having been MAPS coaches for 4 years and having been to virtually every real estate conference held both inside and outside Keller Williams in the past 20 years, we were more equipped than ever to create a profitable business...again.

Having studied and taught the Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA), SHIFT, and BOLD materials for several years as agents, team leaders, and coaches, we certainly didn’t feel as though we were starting over. Just starting something new. Creativity is a GOOD thing and Chris and I both love reinventing ourselves periodically.

Yes, it was a brave new world, but the reality is that our world got bigger! What I realized is that we were no longer confined by limiting beliefs. Who knew that there was so much to learn beyond the corporate structure we were in for so long?


Expansion... ahhhh!

That was probably my biggest “ah-ha” (as Gary Keller calls them). All the things that I thought were unique and amazing about Keller Williams were not unique at all. As a matter of fact, once I opened my eyes to all the world had to offer I saw so much that I had actually missed by being so narrowly focused.

Instead of studying BOLD Laws, I now study the original sources of those laws. Believe me, there is so much more to know!  I am grateful every day for the introduction to the basics I learned at KW which have provided me with a foundation from which I could expand and grow.

New perspective.

Since we launched, I have read the Millionaire Real Estate Agent and SHIFT again (a couple of times) and this time, I caught things that I never noticed before. Being so hyper-focused on increasing productivity and numbers for several years, I had lost sight of the BIG WHY that Gary referred to in the beginning of the MREA.

Being in alignment with my values is so important to me. Putting first things first. Becoming the best version of ME is more important than any script, dialog, model, or organizational chart. I think I had lost sight of that for a while.


The last question I get is, “Has Keller Williams changed since you started?”

That's an easy one to answer. Of course it’s changed. What hasn’t changed in the past 17 years? I know I have. There are new people, new ideas, new markets, and new opportunities.

Growth is a good thing...both in business and personally. If anyone thinks that “same” is better, they are living a pretty boring life. Me personally, I like change. I just like to decide what changes to make, how to make them, and when.

So, did Keller Williams change for the better? Good question. Only you can answer that one. I am sure in some ways we can agree the answer is yes and in some ways we may say no. Depends on our perspective I suppose.


What's next? 

My intention for the next phase of my life is to align myself with people and opportunities that are a vibrational, energetic, and values match. Not every person nor every opportunity will be and that’s OK.

As my friend Dayhna Carroll once said to me, “There are reason people and there are season people. Sometimes the season people lead you to the reason people.” I believe this to be true of companies and organizations too.


What's driving your decisions?

What makes you stay and what makes you go? Are you following your dreams or are you settling for something small? Do you have misplaced loyalty or are you convicted and in alignment with your values? Do you have mooring lines holding you back or are you letting the wind fill your sails?

Listen to your inner whisper. He or she is never wrong.

Whatever you choose - You are enough.




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