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Hi My Friend!

You are here on this page right now for one of two reasons...

#1 - I know you and believe you are special so I asked you to come here to accept a SPECIAL INVITATION. You have many more amazing gifts, talents, and passions to offer the world - you know it and just aren't sure how to do it. You deserve MORE joy in your life than you are currently experiencing and I want you to HAVE it.


#2 - Someone that I personally invited to this page knows you and believes you are special. They want for you what I want for them and they know that there is strength in numbers. They saw an opportunity to share something powerful with you.  I am excited you are here - everything happens for a reason.

So what's up, Nikki?

I am so glad you asked! For the past 2 years I have been on a very intentional mission to figure out what the heck I want my life to look like.


What do I want to do?

Who do I want to be?

Where do I want to live?

What brings me joy?

How can I use my natural strengths to earn money?

You know the questions... right?


In 24 short months I have read dozens of books, listened to hundreds of hours of audios, and spent mega dough on seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Most were interesting. Many excellent. All worthwhile.

Then I picked up The Firestarter Sessions by Danielle Laporte.

Lot's of lightbulbs starting going off for me.

In the few short days it took me to listen to this book on, I began to understand the one thing that was holding me back from achieving my mission.

Me. More specifically, my reluctance to be the REAL me. 

You see, I have this 'Inner Moxie' that has just been dying to get out.

You have it too. We all have it. It is our true self. Our inner light. The best version of who we were created to be.

Ahhhh... Authenticity at it’s best.



Frankly, I am sick of trying to be someone I am not. Uninspired by a life lived to please everyone other than me.

Finished following models that no longer serve me.


My guess is that you may be feeling the same way I do.

...So I am inviting you to join me on this journey. Let's do it together!


I am inviting you to invest in YOU for a change. Not your business (although your business will be affected), not your kids, your partner, your family, or people you don’t even know. This is about YOU.

Does it feel selfish to invest in yourself? 

If you said 'yes' there a pretty good indication that your Inner Moxie is stuffed pretty deep. It’s time to put a little more time and coin toward releasing that Inner Moxie and less of it toward all that crap that you have bought into making you feel good.

You know it’s true. I know it’s true because I bought into it too.

But no more. I am choosing to live the life that I WANT TO LIVE!

My life by design. Mine!


The short and sweet version of this invitation LOL (you know I can't keep anything short):

  • I listened to and read a book that inspired me to fully release my own Inner Moxie and start living like the bad ass coach, mom, friend, and person I was created to be!  Now I want more than anything to help you release yours. We can do it together. It will be more fun that way.
  • Over the years I have tried to create personal change on my own without a coach. It never worked (at least it never sticks). I want to be your coach AND friend through this process. You know as well as I do that inner work is freaking hard and I am up for the challenge if you are. Together we can put that pain in the butt inner critic in his or her place!
  • This isn't open to world. Not this group. Not yet. I invited only a short list of people who I know and have a relationship with. My goal is for it to be people that I know - and people they know. Safe place. Supportive environment. Loving circle of friends (who may not even be aware they are already connected).


Not ready 'yet'? 

It's OK. I love you anyway! Of course I realize not everyone is ready for their Inner Moxie-ness to make a re-entrance into the world. Seriously. It has been a long time since he or she has seen the light of day. What...maybe 5, 6 or 7 years old? Don’t sweat it. Your time will come sooner or later. It has to, right? You can’t keep your Inner Moxie at bay forever! Or can you? I really hope not. It would be a shame to keep hidden what I see inside you.


Oh... I almost forgot. Full disclosure time!

There are a few important things you need to know about my Inner Moxie-ness before you decide whether or not we are a match for this Moxie releasing journey.

(This is mainly for the friends of friends being invited to join the journey. If you know me, you already know this about me).


  • I am on this journey too. Not perfect. Not above or below anyone else. You will be getting the real me. I will continue to live out loud. Transparent. Authentic. Unplugged. I promise.
  • When I get passionate I sometimes drop the "F bomb" (and other expletives typically frowned upon in some circles). No apologies. Just want you to be prepared.
  • The Firestarter Sessions book inspired me to put this small intimate group together. I will refer to Danielle LaPorte's work often (as well as some others) and will always give credit where credit is due. Please do the same. Share the love. It's the right thing to do.

Lastly but most importantly...

  • I care about you. A lot.  They teach us as coaches that this can be risky. I get it. I understand the risks and I care about you anyway. Deeply. I want you to be happy and I want you to shine!


Are you ready to join me in this journey to Release Your Inner Moxie? 

1. Click the link below saying "I'm In." Yes, there is a fee. Affordable but not free. When we are invested we show up. I want you to show up. It is also about an exchange of energy. Money is energy. Let's keep the energy flowing so that you too are attracting more into your life.

2. If you don’t have a hard copy of The Firestarter Sessions book by Danielle LaPorte, you will want to pick one up. Most bookstores carry it and if you are a Barnes and Noble member, you can order it there with free shipping.

3. Mark your calendar with the dates for the sessions. The weekly calls are 1 hour, but allow a little extra time for yourself after each call to reflect, journal, meditate, and celebrate.

4. Think of one or two people in your life that you care about that you would like to take this journey with you. Send them the link  and tell them to  sign up. But only if they are ready to do the work. There is strength in numbers.

5. After you have completed numbers 1-4 just smile. Take a deep cleansing breath, raise your hands high in the air (unless you are driving), and smile like you haven’t smiled before. Congratulations. Your Inner Moxie thanks you and is gearing up to make a grand entrance that will change the world!!



Weekly moxie sessions: Saturday mornings at 10am EST Starting July 28th - Content, discussion, & a bit of coaching! Yes, we will record in case you have to miss. You won't want to!

Dates: July 28, Aug 4, 11, 18, 25, September 8, 15 (Sept 1st falls on labor day weekend so no call that Sat - PLAY HARD)

7 + weeks of Freaking Fantabulousness leading to a lifetime of JOY, FUN, ENERGY, PASSION, & MOXIENESS! 

$247 per person - You are worth it!


That’s it. That's the whole enchilada. The ball is in your court. I can't wait to spend 49 straight days with you in my inbox, on my FB wall, tweeting, and talking about your passions, new projects, creativity, love, financial wind falls, and other wildly good stuff happening in your life! And mine!!!

You are special. You have MOXIE!




P.S. Woot! Woot! Bonus Baby! Happy Dance...Happy Dance!

After you register, you will receive your special gifty from me. A complimentary copy of the audio version of The Firestarter Sessions via I want you to listen to it on audio (because Danielle LaPorte’s narration of it rocks) and use your hard copy for note taking. If you do not have an audible account, you will receive instructions on setting this up.

Content for this journey inspired by The Firestarter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte.