Business and Sales Coaching

At, we work a bit differently than typical business and sales coaching companies. We look at the entire system... including the inner workings of the people on the team.

To be successful in business and especially in sales, mindset is everything. Skills are important, but without the right frame of mind, even someone who is a master at scripts and dialogs will not make a sale.

Business and sales coaching programs at are customized to address the unique needs of your business and your personalized business goals.

Common areas addressed in business and sales coaching:

  • Mindset and energy management
  • Establishing goals, mission and vision for your business
  • Creating a clear business plan
  • Development or refinement of a lead generation model that works
  • Development or refinement of an economic and budget model
  • Leverage, staffing and team building for maximum productivity
  • Mastery of scripts, dialogs, and closing techniques
  • Systemization of result producing actions
  • Life and career balance
“Days are expensive. When you spend a day you have one
less day to spend. So make sure you spend each one wisely.” ~ Jim Rohn

What makes Nikki and Chris different than other coaches?

Nikki and Coaches incorporate the use of daily journaling into all our coaching programs. The secure, private, and customized online coaching journal allows for a deeper and more meaningful coaching experience whereby the coach and the client are connecting, not only during regularly scheduled coaching calls, but also daily through the coaching journal.


What do I write in my journal?

Weekly journal assignments are posted by your coach based on mutually established goals and/or specific areas of personal growth and development your coach believes will help you move forward.

Your coach will read and comment on your journal entries between calls allowing for full attention on coaching calls to be focused on moving forward rather than catching up.


Why is journaling a key component in Business and Sales Coaching?

Top performers in all professions write daily. They have a consistency and a commitment to daily writing that does not waiver no matter where they are.

What we write about and think about and concentrate on is what transpires. What we focus on grows.

“Journaling has a transformational effect. It’s very subtle but very powerful, and works faster and more effectively at driving results than anything else I have ever seen in coaching.” says Kim Ades, MBA, Founder and President of Frame of Mind Coaching and Journal Engine.


Benefits of incorporating your team into the coaching process

One of the most effective and fun ways to see the benefits of coaching throughout your organization is to include your team in the coaching experience!

Take a moment to review the coaching options available to organizations on the Training/Workshops/Mastermind Groups page.

Complimentary Business & Sales Coaching Strategy Session

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"The most significant impact that coaching has had for me is actually at a personal level.  When I approached Nikki, very shy and timid (yet determined!) with the mindset of "my current production doesn't warrant coaching yet" - she quickly challenged me with the vision that my goals were possible with the right thinking, planning, action and accountability.  Many of our calls were not necessarily spent on how many new contacts or appointments I went on - as she quickly determined that where I needed help the most was in breaking through many of the limiting beliefs that I had about myself and empowering me to believe in my abilities and push myself towards success.   The greatest gift that Nikki provided as my coach, was in truly listening to my needs, understanding my challenges and inspiring me to be more and do better in every aspect of my life.  She has empowered me to believe in myself and recognize that I have the ability to make my dreams a reality - it is only a matter of focused action!" ~ Mandi Ross, Phoenix, AZ