What People Are Saying

Coaching with Nikki the past two years has been a blessing!   As a fairly new agent when I originally approached Nikki with the question of "am I ready for coaching?", she responded back with "Well, first why don't you tell me about your current production and your goals."  At the time, I had only been in business a little over a year on my own, with very little production - and BIG GOALS!   After talking with Nikki about how coaching could help me focus on what action steps I needed to take to be able to ACHIEVE my goals, I signed up right away!

Through coaching and accountability with Nikki, I was able achieve clarity and focus on my goals with constant feedback based on her experienced and knowledge of business models.  The first year of coaching, I was TRIPLED my production and inventory volume.  As I learned to grow through people and leadership, Nikki continuously encouraged and provided direction through all of the phases and challenges of growth.

If I take a look at the success over the last two years that I have achieved in terms of increased GCI, team growth, business productivity and profitability - I can say without a doubt -  coaching with Nikki has significantly contributed and added value to my life.  My business has grown to 5th level with a full team of buyers specialists, administrative support and listing specialist. Prior to coaching, I had closed 26 transactions.  The first year coaching I closed 120 units, and last year finished with 172 total units.  Through this growth, Nikki has coached me on Leading my Team, hiring the right people and holding them accountable to results.

The most significant impact that coaching has had for me is actually at a personal level.  When I approached Nikki, very shy and timid (yet determined!) with the mindset of "my current production doesn't warrant coaching yet" - she quickly challenged me with the vision that my goals were possible with the right thinking, planning, action and accountability.  Many of our calls were not necessarily spent on how many new contacts or listing appointments I went on - as she quickly determined that where I needed help the most was in breaking through many of the limiting beliefs that I had about myself and empowering me to believe in my abilities and push myself towards success.   The greatest gift that Nikki provided as my coach, was in truly listening to my needs, understanding my challenges and inspiring me to be more and do better in every aspect of my life.  She has empowered me to believe in myself and recognize that I have the ability to make my dreams a reality - it is only a matter of focused action!

Mandi Ross
Goodyear, AZ


I wanted to provide you with some unsolicited feedback on our experience with you as our coach over the past 12 months.

As you know, we've had various coaches in the past, and you stand out heads and shoulders above past coaches.

You are extremely skillful at keeping us focused on the 20% of activities that give us the biggest return for our time and money invested. We are always amazed at your language skills and you have certainly helped us many times with great dialogues for a whole range of situations from closing for appointments to generating more referrals.  It's amazing how you come up with these on the fly.

Even on calls where we don't have anything specific to cover, you have a knack of knowing what to focus on so that we get value out of each call. Whether it be fine tuning existing skills, sharing something new with us that we can implement based of what you've learned also from other clients, or working on mindset and personal growth, we always gain new insights from our calls.

Thank you for being an awesome coach, keeping us on track and we appreciate everything you do for us.

Brett & Annette Junell
Pleasanton, CA