Personal Coaching

Living a life you choose and creating the results you want comes down to asking yourself a few fundamental and powerful questions.

  • What do I want?
  • How will I know when I get it?
  • What is preventing me from having it now?
  • What will happen when I get it?
  • What will I have or become through working toward it?

Perhaps you have never really taken the time or created the space to ask yourself these basic questions.

We know that you already have the answers to your own solution. The problem is, either you don’t know (yet) how to discover it, or you avoid discovering it.

That is where we come in.


Individual Coaching personalized coaching is designed to empower, inspire, and equip you to ultimately achieve your life’s purpose.

Maybe you aren’t even sure what your purpose is... That’s OK! Through personalized coaching, we will explore your interests, strengths, gifts, talents, values and life experiences to gain insight into what brings you joy and passion.

We believe that Clarity is Power.  Through our innovative journal coaching process, you will achieve the clarity you have been seeking and will be ready to take action toward your desired outcome!

Our personalized coaching program is custom tailored to you and your unique life.

1:1 Coaching includes:

  • Weekly coaching calls focused on the desired outcomes you identify
  • Resources, tools, and exercises designed to move you forward
  • Communication with your coach between calls via our secure on-line coaching journal


What makes us unique?

Our Coaches incorporate the use of daily journaling into all our coaching programs. The secure, private, and customized online coaching journal allows for a deeper and more meaningful coaching experience whereby the coach and the client are connecting, not only during regularly scheduled coaching calls, but also daily through the coaching journal.

What do I write in my journal?

Weekly journal assignments are posted by your Coach based on mutually established goals, material you may be assigned, and/or specific areas of personal growth and development your coach believes will help you move forward.

Your coach will read and comment on your journal entries between calls allowing for full attention on coaching calls to be focused on moving forward rather than catching up.

Why is journaling a key component in personal coaching?

What we write about and think about and concentrate on is what transpires. What we focus on grows.

“Journaling has a transformational effect. It’s very subtle but very powerful, and works faster and more effectively at driving results than anything else I have ever seen in coaching.” says Kim Ades, MBA, Founder and President of Frame of Mind Coaching and Journal Engine.


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