Sales Skills and Development Training

  • Are you in charge of increasing profitability and productivity in your organization?
  • Is it your job to rally the troops and boost morale in today’s challenging economy?
  • Have you found yourself in the role of Chief Motivator instead of Chief Products Officer?
  • Are you becoming increasingly aware that your team needs more than the typical weekly recharge at your regular sales meetings?
  • Is it time to re-group, re-think, re-vise, and re-vamp the old tried and true methods of success?

If so, you have come to the right place!

We all know that there is no new stuff out there! It is all just repackaged and redelivered in different formats and with new and improved colors, graphic displays, and fonts. Right?

Some trainers have done a good job making it to look as though there is a magic pill that when taken will lead you to levels of success never seen before, but what we know is that this is merely a marketing strategy and by the way, it works for them. People buy into the gimmicks every day and spend hundreds of dollars only to be disappointed in the end.

We operate a bit differently. Actually, we operate a lot differently.  

You will see below just from reviewing the basic components of what we deliver in our sales trainings.  You will also see that there are no dancing bears or people jumping from parachutes telling you that it’s the newest and best way to make millions of dollars in your industry. It is a real live person helping people get real about the business they are in and what it takes to be successful in it.

So if it’s all the same, why should we hire to do our trainings?

Two reasons ...

  1. Many of today’s sales trainers have created and packaged their “systems” in such a way that when they deliver “trainings,” what they are actually doing is SELLING.
    A half day training event or a 30 minute business meeting turns into a sales pitch rather than a content rich training program.Let’s be clear! I have no problem with this ... if that is what you want. But if what you want is a trainer who actually trains, then those companies may not be the way to go.
  2. Even though we are sales trainers and deliver trainings, we are actually coaches first. We can’t help it.

Consider the quote from Dr. John C. Maxwell that says, “Leaders lead people differently. Managers lead people the same.”

We recognize that all teams are made of people...each unique and different in their skills, strengths, talents, goals, dreams, and desires. As a result, each one comes to a training with a different set of expectations, needs, and goals. If we treat them all the same then someone is not going to get their needs met... actually, few will.

“Our goal is to have an impact on each and every participant... not just a small impact, but a profound impact.” ~ Nikki Buckelew

Our approach

Naturally the more time we get to spend with you and your team doing a training, the more we can create individual successes with your people. But even in a 30 minute training, we are participant focused. We come early and stay late...we engage with the disengaged and we champion the contributions of the consistent contributors!

While our trainings are prepared in advanced and rehearsed for maximum delivery, we are not so fixated on a script that we forget there are people in the room (or on the phone). Our goal is to change lives...not just deliver material.

Your place or ours?

We are flexible and with today’s budgets being tighter than in previous years, we want to be sensitive to your financial goals. Having said that, local in-person trainings are always more powerful than webinars or phone trainings...period. People stay engaged and we get to make eye contact!

Other ways that work too...

  • Webinar or tele-conference
  • Local retreat or workshop at our place (we live and work in Marco Island, FL...i.e. Paradise)
  • Local retreat or workshop at your place
  • Multi-day trainings spread over a period of month, quarter, or year
  • Combinations of all kinds
  • Half day on-site trainings (we fly in and out same day when possible)

Frequently requested training topics

These topics can usually stand alone or be mixed and matched based on your unique needs and goals.

  • Mindset ... what is your “Why?” Creating individual, team, and organizational  visions. By having an idea of what it is you want to create, we can build an action plan to create it. If you are just doing what others are doing and it does not take into consideration your team and their individual strengths, desires, and goals for their lives, you and they will either become frustrated, burnt out, or both.
  • Strengths...what are the natural strengths of the members of the team and then the collective whole?  We will identify weak areas and begin to formulate a plan to leverage those things or fill the gaps allowing for the focus to be on the mission, vision, and goal.
  • Skills... there are basic sales skills that are critical in every industry. We teach scripts THAT WORK for converting leads, pre-qualifying, handling objections, getting referrals, and closing the sale. Even more importantly, we help your team in developing their own scripts using proven NLP techniques.
  • Lead generation and follow up...without leads, there are no sales. We train on the differences between prospecting and marketing and then help people decide which prospecting methods work best for them based on their strengths and skills. This may include networking, speaking, making sales calls via phone or in person, or any number of prospecting vehicles.
  • Marketing... if marketing is the tool of choice to get business, what is the right marketing vehicle and is it cost effective? If you are spending everything you make on marketing,  are you actually profitable? How can you leverage social media and other types of free or low cost marketing to enhance prospecting efforts? This is just a few of many lead generation topics we can cover.
  • Confidence...even more important than knowing scripts and sales skills, sales people MUST have confidence within themselves or it won’t matter how great they sound. When prospects and clients feel our energy, they are either attracted or repelled. We teach simple strategies for projecting positive energy which attracts positive results.
  • Customer service and referrals...serve at a high level and then leverage for referrals. Too many sales people spend all their time digging up new clients and forget about their past clients and current ones. Using an ongoing campaign to stay in touch with your past clients and your sphere of influence is a foundational piece that if not in place will mean you are losing business you could have easily captured. We DO NOT SELL a system for this (which is what a lot of trainers are doing the whole time), but teach on how to either create one or find one that is pre-packaged that works.
  • Leverage...getting help so you have balance between your personal life and career. Hiring key talent to run the behind-the-scenes is the key to growing past one’s ceiling of achievement in any sales organization. Some independent contractor sales people choose to operate solo forever and that is fine, however, if one chooses to ever take a vacation or maybe sell their business, they will need structure and systems in place. Unless one of the very few, most great sales people are not naturally great at hiring people. It takes effort and time to build this skill. We cover best practices for finding, hiring, leading, and keeping talent.
  • It's a it like one. Independent contractor sales people should have a P & L (profit and loss), a balance sheet, business plan, and a database that reflects a snapshot of their business and the potential for what it will be in the near and projected futures.  We teach the business side of sales including the economic and budget models as well as other key foundational successes for people planning to be in business for the long-term future.

Supplemental training resources

As students of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan for many years, we followed the models taught in this book from the time it was published.  After about 3 short years of intense focus, implementation, and execution of the models, we sold our highly profitable real estate sales business and senior move management company (and we were in our early 30’s).

What we found is that the book is a great text for many sales organizations and is not unique to just real estate. The key foundational pieces can be applied to sales businesses of all types. While we now incorporate those models and key concepts as a part of our sales trainings, we are not officially affiliated with Keller Williams Realty and are not representatives of such.

We are also students of other great business minds, mentors, and industry leaders such as the ones listed below, often referring to and modeling disciplines from their works in our trainings.

  • Harv Ecker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
  • Michael Gerber, E-Myth
  • Timothy Fariss, The 4-Hour Work Week 
  • Steven Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Anthony Robbins, author/speaker
  • Zig Ziglar, author/speaker
  • Jim Rohn, author/speaker
  • Dr. John C. Maxwell, author/speaker
  • Ken Blanchard, author/speaker
  • Robert Kiyosaki, author/speaker
  • Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace University
  • Jim Collins, Good to Great
  • Susan Scott, Fierce Conversations
  • David Hawkins, Power vs. Force
  • Kevin Hall, Aspire
  • Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

...among others

Strategy Session for Scheduling Sales Training 

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” ~ Jim Rohn