Senior Real Estate Basic Training

5 Steps for Tapping into the Senior Real Estate Market

In this basic level training, agents gain insight into what it takes to become successful in working in the senior real estate niche. Nikki and Chris Buckelew reveal the basics of their models yielding their team over 100 transactions annually with approximately 60% of those involving seniors in the over 70 age group. During the basic classes, whether local or via tele-seminar, they share the secrets to becoming successful in this niche market regardless of education, background, designations, or level of experience.

Participants of basic level trainings will …

  • Learn the most efficient and fastest ways to become an expert in their local senior market
  • Gain insight into the true motivations of senior clients for buying, selling, or downsizing
  • Begin developing a meaningful value proposition that will convert leads to listings
  • Discover how to effectively present a powerful value proposition to downsizing clients
  • Learn the secret behind becoming the agent of choice for local retirement communities

After completing a basic level training, participants who are committed to mastering the senior real estate market typically choose to enroll in an advanced level training or in personalized coaching in order to maximize their efforts and get faster results.

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