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Senior Real Estate

REALTORS all across the country are transacting more and more sales involving senior adults. Not just seniors, but seniors who are finding it necessary and/or preferable to downsize and simplify their lives. These sales are more complex and the clients experience an entirely unique set of circumstances beyond those in a normal sale or purchase. The emotions run high and there are frequently more decision makers, more service providers, more complicated time lines, and more housing choices involved to name only a few of the added challenges faced by agents and clients before, during, and after the sale or purchase.

1. 65% of senior homeowners own their home free and clear
2. In the next 20 years the senior population is projected to double in size
3. One in eight Americans are currently 65 years or older

For REALTORS who have a heart for seniors and who choose to incorporate serving seniors into their sales business, we offer two levels of training.

Senior Real Estate Basic Training

Senior Real Estate Advanced Training



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