St Louis’ Rob Shanks: The Face of a SoulFire Real Estate Agent

Published on January 31, 2014

by Nikki Buckelew

Back in September of 2013 I wrote a blog post called "Don't Let Illusion Defeat You: Think SoulFire."

It spoke of how each of our lives is loaded with illusion and explained that when I write about SoulFire, when I discuss SoulFire agents, when I coach on how to live a SoulFire life, what I’m talking about is the ability to cut through the illusion and lies - namely the falsehoods that each of us believe about ourselves.

SoulFire Agent

Rob Shanks is a coaching client who has latched onto the SoulFire approach to life and a real estate career with wild abandon, and I am completely thrilled with how much it has helped reshape his world. But - and this is important - Rob is the one who put in the effort and did the work.

Rob surprised me by posting a note on our Facebook page, and I am truly humbled, honored and yes - even a little misty - at the amazingly kind words he shared.

He's given me permission to share his Facebook post on this blog and also offer a little bit of background and a couple of my observations from our coaching sessions together.

I hope this helps to put a more concrete "human" face on how SoulFire can play a part in making your world and life burn brightly.


Rob had a picture in his mind - an illusion - about how he saw himself, how others see him, and frankly, how he saw his father when he was a kid. By the way, he had a great childhood, but his image of "being a man" was based on his dad's story, and likely his dad's own illusions too.

This all resulted in his living an incongruent life. Rob knew he could do more business and be a better dad, but the BOTH part eluded him.

Our coaching was about how to modify his illusion and create a new story that worked for him - and his new family.

Click here to Listen to Our Audio Interview with Rob in the SoulFire Agent Interview Series

Here's Rob's post on our Facebook page from August 27, 2013:

(we bolded a few lines for emphasis)

"To anyone out there that knows Nikki & Chris Buckelew, I hope you'll take a moment to read this 100% 'unsolicited' posting. Nikki has no clue - not so much as a hint - that I'm posting this! This is completely out of the blue and unexpected. If you want to improve yourself - either personally or professionally - then please read the following information.

I met Nikki a few years ago at a training event and she said to me, 'Even professional athletes have a coach; in fact most pros have multiple coaches.' More than anything else she said, that stuck with me. A short time later I began coaching with Nikki and she coached me for just about a year.

My problem was that I had all the right systems, work ethic, you name it, but I simply could not break $175,000 GCI/year. I was sooo frustrated by this!

Rob and his wife Lynn

Rob and his wife Lynn

The reason I am writing this posting today is to thank Nikki because I just did my YTD top-line as well as EOY forecast and I’m going to come in, comfortably, at $500,000 GCI by December, and could even be close to $600,000, depending on a couple of variables. BTW, my average sale price $188,000.

If you’re reading this and you’re wondering if coaching is right for you, I hope this helps you in making that decision. As icing on the cake, I will add that I’m not a big time, mega real estate guy in a “popular” coastal area. I’m an average Joe from a small farming community in Northern MO. I met and married a city girl here in St. Louis and only then did I find my way into real estate.

On May 1st 2006, right before the market tanked, I started my real estate career with very little money, no SOI, and nothing more than a work ethic and a dream. Nikki “righted” my ship and sent me sailing in the right direction.

More than anything Nikki showed me how to enhance 'me' and to make 'me' a better man, a better dad, and a better husband, and in turn, that made me better professionally.

Those around me would say she made me 'exponentially better' than I could have ever have done on my own! Chris & Nikki Buckelew – you are my favorite people on this planet! I am and will remain in your debt for a lifetime."

Rob & family

Rob & family

A final note from Nikki

Again, thank you Rob for sharing such kind words. It is such an honor to know that someone feels so strongly about our work and it warms our hearts to know that someone is so appreciative, and that we've been able to help Rob and his family so much. (Sniffling continues...)

That, my dear reader, is what a SoulFire agent is and does. That is how a SoulFire agent lives and feels. Thank you to Rob Shanks for putting it in human form.

By the way… if you are an agent in St. Louis, Missouri or need an agent there, Rob and his wife Lynne are now proud owners of a Re/Max office! Look them up!

And here's a pretty cool update from Rob at the first of the year. Well done!


Here's how we help build SoulFire Agents

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