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Introducing the Master Senior Real Estate Professional’s Club - an exclusive Mastermind Group for experienced senior focused REALTORS dedicated to serving senior adults at the highest level.

Designed to help you build your business, attract an abundance of senior clients, and celebrate personal and professional success beyond anything you have imagined.

Are you a REALTOR who has a passion for seniors and who has already experienced success in the senior real estate market?

Do you have that intuitive nudge telling you that you should take advantage of your natural gifts to forward your business and be prepared for the Senior Tsunami?

Are you prepared to take your business to the next level so that you are not working 24/7 for the rest of your life?

This program is for you!

The Master Senior Real Estate Professional’s Club and Mastermind Group is all about that ... giving YOU, the Senior Real Estate Professional, the tools to attract more clients and better leverage your time to create the successful, thriving sales business you have been dreaming about.

Senior real estate is my area of expertise!

I am offering a one of a kind program because I’ve lived it. As a Senior Real Estate Professional, I have been in your shoes. I took the leap off of the traditional real estate sales ledge and became an expert in the senior niche. That expertise has created multiple opportunities for me and will for you too.

Over the years I have invested massive hours and dollars in coaching, training, development, conferences, mastermind groups, business strategies, marketing, systems, coaching and more coaching, and more coaching -- all the while staying plugged into the senior real estate world, building my own successful sales businesses, senior move management company, and now senior real estate coaching practice.

Whether you are a twenty something rising star or a seasoned pro in the real estate industry, you have the ability to build a massive niche in the senior market and take advantage of the coming years while the senior age group is exploding.

Now is the time to build the foundation, create the relationships, and put the systems in place so that you are perfectly positioned to be the agent of choice for seniors in your city and even your state!

So what’s the Master Senior Real Estate Professional’s Club and Mastermind Group all about?

It’s about inner work SUPPORT and outer work TOOLS. It’s about GROUP collaboration and INDIVIDUAL attention.

It’s about YOU becoming the best at what you DO and the BEST version of who you were born to BE!

This program is designed to:

  • Take your senior real estate business to the next level. Whether it be from a 1 to a 2 as a newer senior niche or from a 9 to a 10 as an experienced senior real estate professional continuing personal and professional growth and expansion, together we’ll outline the “micro-movements” that, over the course of the program, will add up to BIG CHANGE for your business AND your bottom line.
  • Get your business from being from only one source to being multiple streams of incoming leads and inquiries. Are you playing small? What if you expanded your mindset? What could happen for you and for your business if your mindset and possibility thinking expanded? Are you stuck at a certain level and ready to break through to the next evolution of your life and business?
  • Expose you to the variety of sources of business out there and ways to capture it. Are you stuck in the rut of single-minded thinking? This life is FULL of options and they are literally at your fingertips! This program will show you not only how to reach for them but how to create a value proposition that is a fit for you and your ideal client and how to launch it out into the world!
  • Help you identify your unique VALUE. It’s in there. You have a natural attraction to the senior client and they are naturally attracted to you. Identify what that attraction is all about and then learn to use it to help more and more people.
  • Develop a business plan and strategy AND begin executing it based on the options that are out there. This isn’t about talking, although we’ll do plenty of that. This is about ACTION. Step-by-step I’ll share with you systems to build, market, and sustain your real estate business. Even if you have already started working with seniors we will grow together to evolve to the next level. Your business will grow with you.
  • Work through the massive mind-shift and into a mindset that is the foundation to your success. Many of the real estate training models in the industry are still focused on the old school way of doing business. Launching your senior real estate division is a new way of thinking about real estate and in this program, you will experience a new paradigm that other trainers are still resisting. You don’t have to work nights and weekends to succeed in real estate and in this group, you will be challenged and SUPPORTED as you create a model of selling real estate that works for you and your balanced life.
  • As Senior Real Estate Professionals AND as REALTORS, we are really coaches. We are coaches, counselors, and consultants to our clients and others involved in the real estate transaction process. Learning to become a COACHING professional as a part of your practice is about becoming MORE than just a sales person. It is about becoming a master communicator. This group will help you to develop your communication and coaching skills so you can feel confident in every conversation in your life AND your business.
  • We will work to stay in a growth, abundance, and empowerment mindset (the biggest determiner to success) ... finding the feeling space to BELIEVE you can achieve your ideal life and then to move forward and deliberately create the business you envision for the life you want to live.
  • Provide a network of support and collaboration and fresh ideas. There are plenty of tried and true methods for building a successful senior real estate niche and we will certainly being applying those. There are also a lot of new and creative ways to increase your market share that will come from the group. Working a niche can be tedious at times and a bit lonely. The people in this select group of like-minded individuals were chosen because of their ability to support others in their growth. We will mastermind and debrief by phone each month and continually communicate online in order to strengthen and support one another on our respective and collective journeys.

The Master Senior Real Estate Professional’s Club is a 10-month tele-coaching & mastermind program limited to only 8-12 dedicated REALTORS genuinely committed to building successful senior real estate businesses and supporting each other along the way.

Guess what... IT WORKS!

When I first started developing my senior’s niche, I was feeling alone and stuck not knowing exactly what to do to make this venture work. I had a great start and was with a company who supported me in my efforts, but there was not really anyone in my close circle who had experience with doing what I was attempting to do. How was I going to put all these pieces together and make it a success? Despite the fact that I had the background and the drive as well as a lot of support, I was just not getting all the coaching and advice I needed. Scared to death, I took a leap of faith and joined a mastermind group of executive business owners who met regularly to support and encourage one another in their business ventures. I learned so much from that group that I never even bargained for that I still utilize to this day in all areas of my life. That group led me to another and then another, and now I am ready to share how that type of environment can help you too. Step along side me and let’s grow our senior practices together!

Imagine it being December 2012...you’re looking back at everything you’ve accomplished in the last 9-12 months. See yourself reviewing your year and feel the genuine pride in yourself. YOU DID IT! You have grown exponentially AND made more money than you ever thought possible. You feel fulfilled emotionally and spiritually and see more possibility than you have ever seen before. Oh my gosh, you did it.

So how exactly will we accomplish this, you ask?

Step-By-Step WORK! (You did think it would take some work, right?) FUN WORK, that is! Outer work (building it), inner work (believing it), group work (together everyone achieves more), and one-on-one work done with ME - your cheerleader, guide, sounding board, and real estate and life coach.

First, we will gather together online and on the phones in mid-December to LAUNCH the 2012 Master Senior Real Estate Professional’s Club. Here we will meet each other, connect, set intentions, and launch our visions for 2012.

Then, the core of the program consists of 3 group calls each month (Jan-Sept).


  • One outer work call (1st Tuesday of the month)
  • One inner work call (3rd Tuesday of the month)
  • One Group “check up” and "full-on" mastermind session (4th Tuesday of the month)

9 OUTER WORK Calls (Business Foundation and Structure) focused on the steps and logistics it takes to literally build your business from the ground up. Together we’ll cover:

Outer Work Call 1: Vision and inspiration

Just like building a house, building a successful niche in your business requires a solid foundation.

  • What are the foundational values that are most meaningful to you?
  • What are your mission and goals for the senior side of your overall business?
  • Are you clear enough on what you want that the Universe knows what to deliver to you?
  • What is your gut telling you about the kind of client you will serve?
  • What clients are naturally gravitating to you already? Why?
  • Who are the key people that you choose to be in business with?
  • How will your business fund your lifestyle and facilitate your ideal day?

I will walk you through surefire techniques for getting to the heart of your vision and

embodying your inspiration in your business. Your vision and the promise for living it out will help you stay focused when things seem difficult.

Outer Work Call 2: Branding and developing your niche

We all get stuck sometimes when it comes to our identity... our brand. I’ve been

there for sure! From brainstorming all the way through implementation, we’ll

address the key elements that create your unique brand and value proposition.

  • How should I define my senior business? Is it a division, a branch or something else entirely?
  • Choosing your tag line, senior division name and marketing message
  • Purchasing/forwarding web addresses & naming Facebook Fan Pages
  • Creating your unique voice as an expert
  • Defining your unique value proposition for the demographic you choose to serve
  • Aligning all your media and marketing outlets with your common message and brand

Clearly defining who you are, what you do, what you offer, and who you serve in the beginning will save you time, money, and frustration down the road. Getting it nailed from the start allows you to focus on growth instead of having to loop back around and re-pour a new foundation because you didn’t think it through the first time.

Outer Work Call 3: Creating an image of success before you “feel” successful

Entering a new market or elevating yourself to icon status in an existing one can be intimidating. You may worry about not having the credibility or the validity to say you’re an expert just yet. We will answer the questions often asked by those branching out into a new niche or higher level in their current one.

  • What are all the behind the scenes logistics I need to build a successful senior division facilitating 5 to 10 sales per month?
  • What do I do if I don’t have many senior listings or sales to draw from yet?
  • Do I have something to offer and if I do, what is the best way to offer it?
  • How do I charge for value added services, create commission structures, and price a la carte services?
  • How do I win listings when other agents have rapport or relationships in place already?
  • Becoming the contact person for planned senior communities and retirement developments even if you don’t have the exclusive listing.

We’ll discuss step-by-step the process for turning you “the agent” into YOU THE EXPERT. Communication and confidence are key and in this session we will begin to bolster your image and create the YOU that everyone is clammering to do business with!

Outer Work Call 4: Defining and refining your offerings

So you’re a Senior Real Estate Agent ... that means you offer real estate services to seniors right? If only it were that simple! Defining your menu of value added services not only differentiates you, it also helps to further clarify and embody the mission of your senior niche. Together we’ll discuss:

  • Differentiating between value added services to the end consumer and those geared toward your referral sources
  • How to determine the gaps in local services for downsizing seniors by using focus groups and surveys
  • Proven value service offerings that appeal to the various senior age groups
  • Mastering the art of presenting pricing and staging as a value proposition to seniors
  • Bundling your downsizing services in the home sale & getting other vendors on board
  • Negotiating with vendors to create a higher level of value for your clients

You don’t have to DO it ALL in order to look like you are doing it ALL! It’s all about positioning and aligning with the right vendors who will make you look like the hero to your clients. It’s also about seeing value in the things that may seem like common sense to some, but when presented correctly can make you look like a rock star!

Outer Work Call 8: Becoming a masterful presenter and networker

Being an icon in your market and recognized as THE GURU for all things senior real estate related means being a masterful presenter, communicator, and networker.  As REALTORS we are often seen as “sales people” and sales people do not typically get invited to speak in front of large audiences... Unless of course people LOVE hearing them speak because they have something worthwhile to say.

  • Developing the coach within you to create rapport with strategically placed senior providers who are positioned to refer you multiple leads
  • Increase your confidence about being the expert in front of the room
  • Learn techniques for becoming a masterful speaker and presenter
  • Develop your sales pitch so that it doesn’t sound like a sales pitch
  • Create opportunities where people seek you out to be their speaker or consultant

Remember that this business is all about relationships and trust. When you communicate effectively both one-on-one and in front of groups, you raise your credibility bar. When you become the consultant for everyone in your senior service community, you will be able to name your price and set your own hours.

Outer Work Call 5: Marketing and client ATTRACTION

This is one of my favorite topics and one of the BIGGEST areas of opportunity in your business.  Learn about:

  • “Connecting” versus lead generating. Attract the clients you choose to serve
  • Leveraging a “free gift” as you build your marketing list and sales funnel
  • Becoming the expert in the circle of senior providers throughout your city and state
  • Creating a buzz about you and how you are different from ALL the other REALTORS in your market area
  • Using calls to action and effective marketing messages in your print advertising
  • Learn how to zero base your marketing, get free press releases and free spotlights in community papers by doing what you do best
  • Getting your message out to the right people - know who those “right” people are
  • Befriending the neighborhood watchdogs and community busy bodies
  • Using blogging and social media to brand your senior business and become the expert

Trying to market to the end user client can be a daunting task. When you connect with the right people you benefit from their marketing efforts. Let them spend their own big bucks while you enjoy the rewards of being in relationship with them.   

Outer Work Call 6: Technology and the online business model

Technology is probably one of the most valuable and yet least understood tools we have at our fingertips. The senior demographic is rapidly becoming the largest user of social media and the internet. This call alone is worth the price of the program! We’ll cover:

  • The online resources that can cause your business to explode
  • Online content that ATTRACTS prospects
  • The explosive power of social media to reach out-of-town adult children and clients
  • Building your database with people who WANT to hear from you how to keep the conversation going for long term relationships
  • Becoming the expert and then SHARING your expertise for lead generation
  • Using videos, blogs, and multi-media to create a larger than life image that reaches well beyond your local market

When working with seniors, the old rule of real estate being a local business is no longer applicable. Seniors often have their adult children and family members helping them to locate services and those trusted advisors are often NOT in the same locale. In order to capture more of your market, a specific message and online presence is required. And think of the referral opportunities!

Outer Work Call 7: Leveraging staff and building your team

Are you ready to take the leap and take on more clients and sales than ever before but lack the support of talented administrative support? You CAN have the best of both worlds...MORE clients and more TIME! Learn how to:

  • Incorporate interns & volunteers in a win-win approach to employment
  • Leverage vendors and other small business owners to get what you need
  • Create synergy through your own local mastermind groups & networking
  • Knowing when to hire help and how to hire the “right” help for leveraging your time
  • Go from 3 hour appointments to 1 hour appointments without sacrificing your customer service commitment
  • Hiring senior friendly buyer agents to increase double sided sales and increase sales period!

Create a support group more impactful, more helpful, more dynamic than any work team you’ve ever collaborated with before, And did I mention that you can do this with little to no capital investment? I’ll teach you how!

Outer Work Call 9: Working with key professionals and large organizations

As you gain momentum in your expertise of senior real estate sales, you will want to reach out to people and networks that offer a steady stream of referrals. The group will strategize together on ways to:

  • Open doors to corporate employee assistance programs in your area
  • Work with trust officers
  • Gain credibility with attorneys and financial advisors
  • Use corporate lunch and learns to access your target market
  • How to use your senior real estate expertise to develop non-senior real estate sales
  • Building a referral pipeline by going outside your local area

When you open doors by speaking on senior real estate topics, you increase the number of non-senior related sales leads too. Your senior division becomes the lead generation vehicle for driving traffic to your general real estate sales practice.

9 INNER WORK Calls - Just what it sounds like, these calls are where we will do the work on the INSIDE to keep you focused and in alignment with your vision throughout the process. When I transitioned from regular real estate agent doing only about 40 deals a year to being a full-on Senior Real Estate Expert doing over 100 deals a year, I went through a total paradigm shift. When we work on the inside stuff, the outer stuff just tends to fall into place with much more EASE.

So the inner work is there for just that purpose.. to work through the RESISTANCE you face as you grow and become a master of your senior real estate business. This will be like “fish-bowl” coaching where you get to address your specific needs. As a group, everyone benefits because chances are, everyone is going through similar stuff.

There is NO SET AGENDA on these calls because they are about YOU!

9 inner work calls: Each month we will address these types of topics as they resonate with where you are  along your journey.

FEAR...the ugliest four-letter word I know! What does it take to find the confidence amidst the fear of launching a new and exciting seniors real estate division or changing your model to align with your life’s goals?

Resistance you will experiencing along the way. Where are you getting stuck? What garbage is your inner critic weighing you down with? What lies are you believing about yourself or your business?

Money issues/scarcity... This is a big one! Is money working for you or against you? Do you truly believe that you attract abundance and wealth? Can you fathom that there really is ENOUGH and more for everyone? Together we’ll challenge one another to trade up our thoughts about scarcity and practice abundance thinking.

Acknowledging your WORTHINESS and charging fees... Do you find yourself always helping others for little or maybe NO money at all? Are you timid about actually charging what you’re worth and finding yourself cutting your commissions instead of raising them? What is the right amount of money to charge anyway?

Thinking BIGGER and LEAPING outside of the box! We all think small from time-to- time, especially when faced with something new. I’m here to show you all the ways that you can achieve what you have the courage to believe.

Creating BALANCE when business is flowing in. So you’ve succeeded beyond your wildest dreams! Your positive mindset and actionable business plan have attracted droves of ideal clients. Now what? How do you balance YOUR personal needs with that of your new exploding business? Believe me, it IS possible to serve clients at a high level and maintain a balanced life for YOU.

And add to this list whatever else YOU may need!

9 Check Up Calls/Mastermind Sessions
These calls are focused on checking in on progress and celebrating the success along the way! During these calls each participant will:

  • Report on the success they’ve had in the last day, week, month
  • Share any lessons learned or steps taken that would benefit the group
  • Illustrate their use of the program teachings in action (yes we may role play!)
  • Encourage each other through the process!

Of course there is MORE!

Exclusive access and privileges available to Mastermind Group members:

  • Quarterly BONUS calls for open group Q&A. Running into specific issues with clients and could use guidance? Have a specific “what if” question as you implement the business-building tools? This open-forum format allows you that opportunity to have your specific questions answered. Chances are someone else in the group is facing the same issue!
  • Every participant (or team) also gets FIVE 1:1 coaching calls to be scheduled at times of your choice throughout the 10 months. Yes, you read that correctly. On top of the December orientation/introduction call, 9 outer work calls, 9 inner work calls, 9 group check-in calls, and 3 bonus quarterly Q&A calls, you are getting another 5 calls just for YOU...about YOU...and YOUR personal business. That’s a total of 36 calls throughout the 9-month program. Talk about personal attention!
  • Online password-protected library packed full of resources and business tools. We’re talking checklists, print-and-use worksheets, videos, and much more. You won’t find a more complete, more comprehensive compilation of tools like this anywhere else.
  • Recordings of each and every session available for live streaming or download.
  • Private Facebook group... since you are already THERE! And if you aren’t I’m going to recommend that you GET THERE. This is for sharing ideas, resources, successes and asking questions among the group. It’s the old adage...you get out of this what you put in... and this is another opportunity to connect, share and BENEFIT from this group.
  • Copies of ALL outer work presentations. Our outer work calls will be accompanied by power points and other visuals to further cement the concepts and strategies, and these slides will be at your disposal for your use and review. Talk about value!
  • A license for the Downsizing Made Easy Guide, a 40+ page guide for seniors, authored by yours truly, Nikki and Chris Buckelew, and used as a key tool in our business developing relationships with retirement communities and senior clients. We will even customize 2 specific pages in the guide so it includes your brand. A $247 value when purchased separately. (printing not included)
  • Massive discount to our Spring retreat in May 2012, PLUS a private breakout session specifically for this mastermind group. This content-packed retreat will be held in sunny tropical Marco Island, Florida and will include professionals from all over the country! Come share positive energy with other like-minded individuals and meet your Mastermind cohort face-to-face!! Did I mention it will be held in paradise?

                   IMPORTANT: Only committed full time experienced REALTORS

                                                will be accepted into this Club.

This program is being offered BY APPLICATION ONLY and is admittedly NOT for everyone. I suggest that you DO NOT apply to this program if you:


  • Aren’t willing to spend the time to be on the calls and be an active contributor. This is a conversation between everybody on the phone! Participation is key in Mastermind Success.
  • Aren’t ready to start TAKING ACTION in your business.
  • Are opposed to the Law of Attraction and other highly powerful and effective “woo-woo” concepts
  • Are only about making money. If you don’t love seniors more than you love money, this class isn’t for you.
  • Aren’t willing to commit to the entire length of the program in both time and investment. Each person brings specific value and energy to the program and if you are feeling fickle about the commitment then this program isn’t for you.
  • Are completely new to real estate or have not had any real estate basic training or closed transactions. This program is for experienced agents only who are either adding a senior division to their current practice or are growing their existing senior division to the next level. We are not providing training on the day to day real estate tasks or how to write and negotiate contracts or listings.

So are you ready to commit to building a more profitable, more successful, more fulfilling real estate business by fully committing to a senior’s division in 2012?

It’s not a hobby. It’s a business. It’s not work, it’s your passion! Are you ready for success? Are you ready to take the leap? Are you ready to SOAR?

Then we’re ready for you!

This program was designed with the solo-preneur’s budget in mind. Remember we have been in your shoes!

So while the program could easily be offered for up to $10,000 in full, this nine-month program offers payment options* starting at only $447 a month + a $500 application/down payment. AND there are ways for getting your price even LOWER!

With three 90 minute calls a month PLUS the added value of the online tools, group forums and resources, and bonus calls, that's far less than the per hour rate you’d pay in our private real estate coaching sessions. So it's a winner all around.

When you add up all this value, along with the proven content,

you've got a program that's a MUST to support your

2012 Senior Real Estate business growth!

If you are ready, just click this link and say, "I'm IN!"

(It really is by invitation only at this point so the link above is the only way to find it!)

Yes, I’m ready to commit to taking my business to the next level with all the valuable business content, the support of the inner work, and the power of a small hand-picked Mastermind Group I'll get by participating in the Master Senior Real Estate Professional’s Club with Nikki and Chris Buckelew.

My membership benefits will include the following:

  • A total of 36 COACHING CALLS to transform my business (Dec '11 - Sept '12)
  •     1 December Launch/Orientation Call 12/13 (Tuesday) 3-4:30 EST
  •     9 monthly outer work calls/webinars 1st Tuesdays 3-4:30 EST
  •     9 monthly inner work calls 3rd Tuesdays 3-4:30 EST
  •     9 monthly group check-in/Mastermind calls 4th Tuesdays 3-4:30 EST
  •     3 quarterly Q&A calls -- Call Times TBA
  •     5 one-on-one coaching call with Nikki or Chris about MY PERSONAL BUSINESS - Call Times Scheduled at a mutually convenient times throughout the 10 months.


  • Recordings of each and every call
  • Online, password-protected library of tools and resources
  • Private Facebook group for sharing and connecting with other Mastermind members
  • Copies of all outer work presentations for implementing my business practices TODAY
  • One license to the 49 page Downsizing Made Easy Guide authored by Nikki and Chris Buckelew including two custom pages (printing not included).
  • Massive discount to the Spring retreat in Marco Island, FL (May 2012) PLUS a private session for Mastermind Club Members during the retreat.

____I understand and agree that the Master Senior Real Estate Professional’s Mastermind tele-coaching program is designed as a full ten-month curriculum and I am committing to invest in the entire 2012 program.

____I further understand and agree that if, for any reason, I choose to remove or cancel myself from this program prior to the end of the program dates, I am obligated to pay or continue paying any outstanding balance(s) as indicated on the enrollment form if I have selected the monthly installment option even if the installments continue beyond the length of the program. If I’m paying in full, I understand no refunds will be issued. However, if for any reason I am not accepted into this program, my payment will be refunded.

*all my clients honor this commitment even when payment installments continue on past the close of the program.

_____ I'm assured this online transaction is 100% secure and after my information is received I will get an electronic receipt and instructions on downloading and submitting my brief application form within 24 hours.

I'm ready to reserve my spot in the Master Senior Real Estate Professional’s Club and Mastermind Program NOW by choosing one of the 3 options below.

**EARLY BIRD Option If your down payment and application is submitted before Nov 20, 2011 you save $250 on your down payment/application fee! After Nov. 20 we open it up to outside applicants and the down payment goes to $500.00.

_____ Pay in Full Option:  $500 Down payment/Application Fee due upon registration & 1 Payment of $3843 Due by Dec 20th. (Total $4343)

_____9 Month Pay Plan: $500 Down payment/Application Fee due upon registration & 9 monthly payments of $447 beginning Jan 10 (Total $4523)

**Referral BONUS: Space is limited in this Mastermind Club (maximum 10 people) and we are looking for the most committed and those who are really ready to take the leap.  If you refer someone who is accepted into the program, we will refund $500 of your total investment into the program for each referral. That is a $500 referral fee per accepted program member to you up to the total cost of your investment!

*Referrals will be paid as as soon as the final member group has been established and before the first call in January for those who pay in full. For those who elect the payment plan, referral fees will be applied across the 9 months reducing the amount of your monthly payments.

Here’s to living life to the fullest,

Nikki Buckelew, M.S., Coach, Trainer, Speaker



Keeping it REAL in Real Estate Sales. REAL People. REAL Lives. REAL Results.