Tribute to Howard Brinton by Art & Anna Kleimer

Published on December 27, 2012

Written by Art and Anna Kleimer as a tribute to friend and colleague Howard Brinton

Ode to My Friend Howard


Did a giant pass today?                                Only if we let him pass.

Did a smile fade away? 

Only if we let it fade.

Did a twinkle disappear? 

Only if we let it disappear.

Will we never again laugh to the Pig Story?

Only if we forget to tell it.

Will we never again sing Broadway hits together?

Only if we lose our voice.

Will we never split our sides laughing and swapping stories?

Only if we lose our words.

Will we never repeat fishing stories and memories of Maurice?

Only if the rivers run dry.

Will we never hear his wisdom?

Only if we block our hearts.

Will we always be blessed by his friendship?     Yes!        

Will we always be warmed by his love?         Yes! 

Will we always be honored to have been called friend?         Yes!  

Will we always be grateful for his teachings?         Yes!  

Will we always      appreciate he held us bigger than we held ourselves?     Yes!

Will we always be thankful for the doors of love and friendship  he opened?       Yes!    

Did a Giant pass today?                         Only if we let him?


Now He Belongs to the Ages


Howard Brinton - Stay out of judgement and into curiousity




Art and Anna Kleimer are internationally known speakers and coaches having served audiences such as Realtors, business entrepreneurs, couples, and individuals, are graduates of Dr. Fred Grosses’ Blackbelt of the Mind Coaching programs, and authors of  Power Living: Living Your Life, Liberty and Happiness. They are Certified Professional Coaches, Graduates of the REALTOR® Institute (GRI), Certified Residential Specialists (CRS), and Howard Brinton Star Power Stars. Book Art and Anna as your next speakers or coaches or go to to learn more.



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