We Are Expanding!

Published on August 31, 2012


The month of July has been a month of amazing change and expansion for us. Not only did we relocate back to Austin, TX after spending 18 beautiful months in sunny Southwest Florida, we also found ourselves launching an organization that has been 10 years in the making, the Seniors Real Estate Institute.

But wait...there's more!

And as if that wasn’t enough, with the nudging of several coaches and a few good friends, we began expanding our NikkiandChris.com coaching practice to include affiliate coaches too! What’s weird is that it wasn’t all part of some master plan we envisioned (or was it? Something to ponder more). I am truly still somewhat in awe of how it is all evolving.

Chris and I have always gotten excited about helping other people through creating opportunities. We did it in our real estate sales business, our senior move management business, and we do it each day as we coach our clients. It had not really occurred to us that we were in a position to do it yet again in our coaching practice until a colleague and good friend of mine started nudging me to consider it.

Michele Moon started out as a coaching client from Orlando who shared my passion for working with seniors. I knew Michele had that something special from the time I was introduced to her and she continues to amaze me with all of her energy, knowledge, and deep desire to serve others. This year, however, the roles turned a bit! Michele went from being the coachee to being the coach...my coach. She didn’t realize it, but in the course of our random conversations she was stretching my thinking beyond my comfort zone. Once I embraced the challenge, however, whoa Nelly, it was off to the races. (Funny how coaching works). Now we are working hand in hand to reach more real estate agents, senior living professionals, move managers, and other senior service providers across North America involved in helping seniors and their families with late in life moves. There is a certification in the works, CE credits, and a tour of training to spread the word.

Our mission? It’s simple. To simplify the downsizing and relocation process for seniors (and their families) and empower them to make informed decisions about their housing and real estate needs.

We know from experience that with each move it takes a team of highly qualified, skilled, and most importantly, passionate and caring professionals to achieve this. Our intention is insure that there is at least one such team in place in every major city across North America so that senior home buyers and sellers can trust they are well represented when transacting real estate.

Whew. I get carried away because I am so flipping excited about this challenge and goal.

OK, back to the story. As Michele and I began collaborating it became evident that while we both have strong real estate backgrounds, leadership skills, and entrepreneurial drive, we are very different in our behavioral styles. It is a perfect blend as we move forward to not only build the Seniors Real Estate Institute, but also in serving our clients, members, and the public. I love this. It means that we can more effectively serve a wider audience, but even more importantly to me...it’s a whole lot more fun!

That brings me to NikkiandChris.com. Chris and I figured as long as we were having so much fun affiliating with other coaches in the Seniors Real Estate Institute, why not do something similar with our general real estate coaching practice.

Over the past few years we have gotten to know some talented coaches all across the country. People we respect and admire for their abilities AND people we enjoy sitting down to have a meal with also (that's important BTW)! The lightbulb came on as we realized that we had built an infrastructure that would allow other coaches to offer coaching, training, and speaking as a part of our organization.

The key... a highly specialized and diverse team of coaches all sharing a common vision and life view, but with unique talents, skills, and coaching styles. Eureka! I fell in love with the idea. 

Not only do Chris and I get to spend each day finding ways to lift others up so that they can do what they love and do best (Coach, Train, and Speak), but we also get to touch the lives of more people who can and will benefit from the gift of coaching.

Anyone who knows Chris and I well knows that Chris’s gift to the partnership is on the operational side of the business. He is an amazing coach when it comes to leadership, tactical “stuff,” strategy, and navigating complex situations (human relations and machinery). Chris is a problem solver...has been since he was crawling (just ask his mom!). Expanding our coaching team means expanding our systems and increasing our capacity to serve. This is Chris’s job. Amen. Thank you God for that. He does it well AND he can train others on how to do it.

As for me? Well, I love growing people. I see things in others that they don’t see in themselves. I enjoy nurturing and fertilizing seeds that eventually grow to become the amazing creatures they were intended to be.  Some will be wild-flowers and some will be tall oak trees, while others will multiply and become fields of golden wheat. Ooh. I get chilly bumps just thinking about it!

This story has gotten way to long. Not even sure where it came from...I was Swiffering and it just hit me. All this stuff going on in our lives and businesses is freaking exciting!

Anyway, thank you for being interested in what we have going on. We have so many to thank for the journey that has brought us here and I can only imagine the many more that will touch our lives and help us to continue to grow.

Have a great Labor Day weekend.



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